Being A Modern Indian Parent !!!!

India, a country filled with innumerable traditions,customs,rituals and practices has been the epicenter of globalization.This concept has without doubt taken our country forward economically and we are progressing aggressively towards the developed status.Every modern child has grown seeing a globalized India coupled with the age of the internet, the way in which they see the world is very different.

Children nowadays are very outspoken and confident.They are no longer a dumb introvert after social networks were started.Everyone wants to crave a niche for themselves as they want to project themselves well in their social circle.When the child becomes teens, the sudden surge of energies makes them to rebel against their parents.This is the most fragile phase in anyone’s life which has to be handled with immense care by every parent.They expect their parents to give freedom and identity to their children.When their expectations are not fulfilled then problems arise at once.Teens hate advises and hence opting this method is useless.At this stage, parents must make their rebellious children understand through examples.Talking casually and addressing indirectly through examples will give space for your child to think.When you leave the final decision to your child, that’s when responsibility will step into him.

Be frank with your children and never interfere in his activities.Don’t lose your grip with him because if your lose total control then getting your child back will prove difficult.Make your child understand that its his life and he will be solely responsible for all his decisions.Giving autonomy to your child is the best way to make him choose what’s right.Finally, have trust on your child that he will take a good decision.Talk with him daily and don’t make him feel isolated at home.Being a modern Indian parent is difficult but when you be a friendly parent there is nothing sweeter than parenting.

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