KSY- In Tune with time…:) :)

Kadhalil Sodappuvadhu Yeppadi (KSY) is movie based on the short film on the same title.This movie is doing well is the box office and deserves it.It has Siddharth as Arun and Amala Paul as Parvathi doing the lead roles.

The movie is the form of a narration given by the hero Arun (Siddharth) about his break-up with his girlfriend Parvathi.Expanding a short film into a full-fledged feature film is difficult but the debutant director Balaji Mohan has done very well to make it interesting.There are lot of positives in this flick.The first aspect is the characterization.I feel every character in this film has gelled into it and it stands out in this movie.The screenplay is the next positive.Though, the movie is based on a common concept at no point of the movie you get bored.Most of the incidents portrayed (in fact all !! ) can be easily related in real life.Some of the dialogues of this movie really makes us think. One dialogue goes this way, “Big problems in life can be solved by small solutions.These solutions may look ridiculous for a third person but it does mean a lot for the persons involved.”To sum up the positives, a neatly written script and superbly acted by Siddharth and Amala Paul.The music and background score is adequate but doesn’t stand out.The comedy which is tried is the movie is redundant at times and plays with your nerves.The positives of this movie is so vast that the negatives don’t come to sight and is virtually overshadowed.

KSY is a definite watch, to both lovers and break-ups too .This is because, it increases the bond between lovers and brings back the love in break-ups ( as they may realize their errors afterwards.. if you’re lucky :P) .This movie could probably be the only one movie suitable for both these crowds . Not only for college-goers, after a long time, a film which teaches lessons for all ages who love one another has come and don’t miss KSY at any cost..:) 🙂

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