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News and electronic media in India (as I witness it every day) especially has become increasingly biased towards good performance in sports every time they play. Cricket, which is popularly called as the unofficial national game of India is often the easy prey for media criticism. In India, cricket is seen more of an entertainment than of a sport.In movies, people want every actor to perform exceedingly well in every movie he acts.If he fails to do this, he is badly criticized and at times even thrown out of the industry. We can’t compare silver screen with sports, as in the latter you are not wholly responsible for the outcomes of your action.In a team game like cricket, there are many factors beyond your control which may go against you and you may eventually lose the game.

What makes me more upset is the fact that media nowadays are creating sensations even in sports. They ask ridiculous questions in press conferences which affects the morale of the team.Once the team members start showing negativity, talent is overshadowed and it becomes hard to recover back.Indian Cricket team suffered whitewashes in England and Australia.Everything went against them starting from umpiring decisions to advertising agencies.Post World Cup, the upward trend suffered a huge blow with a series of losses and media thrashed them every time.

Now suddenly, when a crunch game came against Sri Lanka in the ongoing Commonwealth Bank Tri-Series India chased down a target of 320 in less than 37 overs to have a chance to qualify for finals.Then, I switched on the TV and the headlines changed dramatically in 24 hours.Everything changes in this world, but off late media suffers more change than anything else.Personally I feel Dhoni, the captain of this suffering Indian team has somehow managed to gel the team together in spite of all these rifts.Virat Kohli showed a lot of character and attitude in his belligerent knock of 133 off 86 balls.On the whole, batting department responded well to a demanding situation.My request to the media is to spare sports in their bid to create sensationalism and let our players play with mental peace.   
Ram Thilak

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