IT Employ-ability: Who’s Responsible??

Last Friday, on March 2nd there was an article in “The Hindu” which concluded based on a study that TN Graduates were placed at the bottom of the IT employ-ability list. I was amazed reading this considering the fact that TN has the second most number of engineering colleges in India, the first being Andhra Pradesh. On researching about this, I found some interesting aspects about in this study.

First of all, TN graduates who are pursuing their under graduation are mostly into colleges which curtail their freedom of thought. Most of these colleges are run by people who think college education has to be in a school-like manner with regular classes and the chalk-talk method. The students are bored of this as the faculty are not properly trained to take the classes in an interactive way and in most hours are gone sleeping :P. Though, these colleges are technologically equipped they don’t put to use the available resources. Even when the student wants to go beyond the textbooks and learn more about the concepts, they are usually not encouraged on this. The prime motive of these colleges is give excellent university and placement results. The innovation aspect is not always encouraged and hence technical growth rarely happens.
The schools are also blamed for this. The article claims that the students in Delhi and Bihar had better technical knowledge that the ones in Tamil Nadu. The reason for this is pretty simple because most of them in TN are doing there education in State curriculum. Most of the students in Delhi and Bihar had their basic education in Central Board syllabus which is of higher standard than the state ones and hence they have better technical knowledge.
On who’s responsible for this, I feel that the colleges share a greater responsibility for this dip in quality of students. Colleges must give freedom to learn and mingle with their peers. This will make the students learn by themselves. This type of learning is by far the best method. To improve the communication skills some soft skills training during the course curriculum will be of great help to students. Hence, proper skill training coupled with freedom to learn will definitely increase the employ-ability of graduates in TN.

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