3 Review- Starts Well but…

3- a romantic thriller written and directed by Aishwarya Dhanush is impressive in parts but doesn’t meet the expectations it created prior to its release. In comparison to the usual romantic films which Tamil Cinema has seen so far, 3 is definitely different from the usual.For a director with her debut film, Aishwarya deserves a lot of praise for her screenplay and characterisation.

The story involves three stages of love between Ram (Dhanush) and Janani (Shruthi Hassan). The first 50 minutes of the film is top class which portrays the calf love between the two. Dhanush reminds us of his “Thulluvado Ellamai” days and Shruthi Hassan has also acted well in these scenes.After this, the film enters into a lull and the subsequent scenes are also slow which plays with audience’s patience.The third part in which Ram hides that he’s suffering from Bipolar Disorder problem to Janani is also very slow with many scenes being redundant.The number of characters on screen in the third part is also very less with just Ram and his friend Senthil (Sundar Ramu) being shown again and again. Sundar Ramu has done his job with perfection and suits well in the supporting roles.

The biggest drawback in this flick is editing.Many unnecessary scenes could have been removed which would have improved the overall effect of this movie. Aishwarya could have reduced the flick by nearly 20 minutes to make it a real romantic thriller.The suspense created in the movie is lost because the movie drags at many instances which could have been avoided.The music and sound editing by Oscar Winner Resul Pookutty in the movie is a big plus and a lot of background scores by Anirudh Ravichander is fresh and makes you feel to hear it again.Dhanush has rocked in every frame of the movie with his realistic acting and especially in the climax his performance is scintillating. The director has also ensured that realism is not lost in the movie by screening all songs along with the movie which is needs appreciation.To sum up, 3 is definitely a must watch for three main factors it’s mesmerizing music, Dhanush’s acting and for its realistic portrayal.

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