Trees- The Best Simile for Human Life

Study holidays for an Engineering student happens to best time for contemplation (both technical learning and life learning). When I was sitting alone in a park and thinking, I found an interesting comparison between trees and human life which goes this way.Trees, which is a rarity in urban areas happen to teach human the best lessons of life.I’m also inclined a lot to biology so used a lot of biological terms, please bear with me :P.

-> First of all, to reach great heights we have to keep struggling constantly.Similarly, to grow tall,  the roots of the trees keeps fighting against the soil (Geo tropism) .The deeper the struggle is, the taller the tree grows.

-> Every tree keeps in mind of the Sun when it grows.The dream of every tree is to reach the sun and get its light.Though, the reality is that no tree reaches the sun still everyday it tries to reach the sun (photo tropism).In the same way, we have to set high standards for ourselves and keep working towards it without giving up.

-> No matter how tall a tree grows it doesn’t forget its roots. Whatever great things we achieve in our lives we shouldn’t forget our parents and true friends who happen to be our roots of life. When the roots are not strong (as in fibrous root system), the tree can’t stand tall too long.

->Trees proves its selflessness by ensuring every leaf gets enough sunlight. In turn, every leaf ensures every animal gets enough oxygen. Debarring their size or strength, every plant does this which is a great lesson human has to learn, “Selflessness!!”.Practically speaking, in this competitive world its nearly impossible to follow this but we can at least “Not be Selfish, people!!”

->The products of the trees, fruits also teach us some lessons. Some fruits are sweet while some are sour. The sourer fruits happens to have the most nutrients. Similarly, bad experiences in life gives us the necessary nutrients to withstand tough situations.

-> Finally, the trees gives shade to people by absorbing all the heat.What more can the trees do??  People.Yet, we have only been doing things which hamper their existence. From now on, make sure we plant at least one tree every year.

I read this quote somewhere, think in a Classmate Book, “Strength and Growth in life comes only through continuous struggle and effort”. Make this your mantra for life and PLANT MORE TREES!!!.

Ram Thilak

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  1. I like the statement "Strength and Growth in life comes only through continuous struggle and effort". May I add that it should be a disciplined struggle, constant nurturing leads to great fruits :-).

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