Half-Life of an Engineering Student…

Its been two years since I joined into an engineering college and I chose a course for which I had lots of passion for. Like every other student, I was expecting a lots of fun and happiness in my college life. After completing nearly 24 theory papers and 12 practical papers, when I look back to see what I’ve learnt I can’t give a convincing answer. I don’t know if the same situation persists with everyone..?!

In the last 700 days of my life, I’ve learnt a lot of life lessons when compared to engineering lessons. I’ve gone through people exhibiting different characters according to situations, learnt to push and distance myself with people around me and many more which has moulded my emotional quotient well in comparison to intellectual quotient 😀 College life is one of the most fragile phases of life and needs to be handled with utmost care and when this is done you will become a masterpiece… 🙂 Not to miss, I’ve also learnt to get up before sunrise on all college days 😛

In most schools, they train their students to get marks so that the school can produce excellent results. Engineering colleges are also following the same now. Earlier, when the density of engineering colleges was less, science was applied, learnt and taught with fun because competition among colleges were nil. When more colleges came in, its good because we get more engineers every year but the quality of engineering education has diluted a lot making the whole engineering education worthless.I do agree, there are some geniuses in every class who absorb things well and apply that too which comes largely because of their own efforts. Debarring them, most students are learning engineering to proclaim themselves as an engineer or to get a fancy job in a company.

I came out of exam hall after writing my semester exam and the first question which our professor asked was, “Will you pass the exam?”. He could have asked us have you performed well but he didn’t. The reason is that pressure is applied upon him to show pass percentage results which is his point of concern. His aim is not to give good engineers to society but to show glittering pass percentages.

This article might look very similar to 3 idiots movie, but things haven’t changed at all. As its described in the movie, engineering colleges are only manufacturing human machines who has to sacrifice all his basic democratic rights to complete his entire engineering curriculum. All that I’ve told here is just my experience and I’am also a victim of this so called engineering education…. 

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2 thoughts on “Half-Life of an Engineering Student…

  1. Nice article there dude.But u missed a major problem in our college, 'boys should not interact with girls'.Then how can we cope up in IT firms, where we have to work together as a team?

    hope you will give your mind reflection on this in a separate article.;)

  2. Aj.. I'am not accusing our college in specific..but that's wat I've told in a subtle way.. "Students hav to forgo Basic democratic rights.. :P"

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