A Modern Day Indian Girl…

Ancient Indian women were restricted of all their rights in the name of customs and traditions. After the penetration of western culture, many things have changed and the way in which women look at their lives has also changed. Having spent my entire teen in South India, certain regulations followed here are very healthy for the upbringing of our society. Though, there are many things which needs change immediately, many customs followed are encouraging to make India into a safe place for women.

The statistics also supports this, considering the fact that the number of girls pursing their professional education in streams such as engineering and medicines has been increasing year after year. When education is given and when women fight for their basic rights, those ought to be given to them. But nowadays, women have also started stepping into pubs and started smoking cigarettes saying, ‘When Men do it, why can’t we??’ Aping the West in attires, in the way they speak and following their economic policies is acceptable, but that shouldn’t make us weaken our strengths.

People from the west were amazed to see our Indus Valley Civilization, our Monuments, our heritage sites, our culture, our traditions. I’am not here to say everything was right with our ancient culture but as educated individuals we can differentiate between the right and the wrong. We can choose the ones which will take our country forward and neglect the ones that will decelerate us. Women who were once portrayed as mere ‘Child Bearing Machines’ are now managing the tasks of multinational companies . When you ask these people, they would definitely have kept in mind of our celebrated Indian culture and applied it in their workplace.

Shyness, a term which was for-long associated with women has been shattered now. Every women wants to fight this world out just like every other man. Both men and women have got their respective physical and emotional problems which has to be handled wisely. Women liberation is absolutely necessary but before going forward to ape the west, think twice is this change necessary or not.

Ram Thilak

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  1. we are in a era where expecting a girl to be demure is highly impossible!!!as you talk about education its only education that has bought them into the lime lite its not about education its all about the awareness among the citizens so its only up to the government to do this.

  2. I do agree that in today's world expecting the girl to be demure is next to impossible.But most girls in India are aping the West in certain things which is very difficult to accept in India.Our culture and traditions debarring the superstitions, is very civilized. The main point of concern now is that present day women think wearing a saree or a salwar as a curse and fear that they will be branded differently.Meanwhile, wearing a western attire like a jean and a top will project them as a civilized person, which according to me, is a misconception and that attitude needs to be changed.Bringing the government into this is difficult because as they can't interfere into an individual's freedom.

  3. omg wat i said was i wantd the government to promote awareness abt the ill effects of smokin nd i would nevA eva want the ogvernment to get in to the individuals personal choices more ova theres no harm n wearing western attires it is only rather only bad to ape the west in terms of habits which would affect ones health

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