Be a Witness to all of Life’s Happenings!!

I’m not a person who has seen everything in life but each day as I wake up, Life amazes me. I had an interesting conversation with my mom yesterday about life. During the conversation, I realized that the reason for most of the troubles we face in life is because we link ourselves to life’s happenings beyond its worth.Most people tell me, if you live each day devoid of expectations and live for the moment, your life will be awesome.But practically speaking, expecting is a human quality and you can’t restrain your mind from expecting things.

So, will life always remain as an unsolved question? Not exactly. Everyday, we come across many happenings both good and bad. There are some things which affect us deeply and some doesn’t. Being happy for a good happening and being dejected for a bad one is a rational human emotion.Not all good things provide you the same excitement and not all bad things depress you equally. Then, what is the reason behind varied human reactions? When I asked this question to myself, I got an interesting answer. The primary reason for all the troubles in our life is because we are emotionally, physically, mentally or logically attached to the happenings of life.When we remain as a witness to all the happenings its not going to affect our being. Witness in simple terms means, being a third person for all the happenings. When someone close to us dies, it affects us a lot but when someone who is not known to us dies we do feel for them, but it doesn’t affect us the same way. Its because in the former situation we are emotionally attached with them but in the latter scenario we are only a witness for that situation.

This concept may look hard to digest but if every human starts following this most of life’s problems will be solved. Most of us are attached to superficial things in this world and give lot of importance to petty things in life.Every single thing on this Earth is temporary. What makes every human being alive? Oxygen. Its also not permanent in our body as it comes in and goes out. But despite this fact, many people go behind worthless things and waste their life on earth.

The bottom-line is that when we remain as a witness to all of Life’s happenings, we will provide a meaning for our life on Earth.

Ram Thilak

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