Candlelight- An Unsung Hero!!!

You need a spark to make you glow,

But after glowing you share your light aglow,

You always fly high to reach the sky,

Even when you don’t reach there, you never give up your try.

When the Sun sets people need your light,

They all see only your light while you melt,

Dispelling darkness by burning yourself is your character,

Helping others without expecting reciprocation makes you wiser.

Troubles in different forms always comes to take You to graveyard,

Whatever the difficulty may be, You will fight till the very end,

If air flows fast, you fight against it stealthily,

If water pours on You, You flicker but never get off easily.

You are the one who leads everyone from darkness to light,

You are the unsung hero Candlelight.

Ram Thilak..

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