From School to College!!!

I’m doing my UG now but still when I think about the days when I was doing KG, that thought excites me. Though, I’ve studied in three schools during my school education each one of them has left me an everlasting memory to remember.The time spent at school is without doubt the best phase of life for any student. The teachers both teach the lessons and mold the kids as responsible future citizens of the country. The kids learn with fun at school till the so called board exams step in 😛

Its a great feeling at school to see the kids playing innocently in the grounds and fighting for things which might look petty for us. The kids stand together for the group photo every year filled with lots of expectations. Most kids don’t know the meaning of a friend, but they fight to stand near the student they like the most. They pour infinite love on with anyone they talk. Learning was fun and they enjoyed seeing each other grow. When the students were ignorant of all the bad things in this world, their innocent love poured upon everyone they saw.

We actually say we are growing or maturing every year. From school to college, from seeing our dad by raising our head high we start seeing him straight, we start arguing with anyone who advises us 😀 and during this phase of life in college all things around us seems to be covered with a silvery coating. Every thing looks beautiful and we start going behind unimportant things. Some people take many important decisions during college. But whatever decision you take, just make one thing absolutely sure. Never make your dad, mom or family unhappy with your decision. Right from your first step on earth, they are the ones who’ve always been by your side and seen you grow.You have all the freedom to shape your life the way you like but make that without hurting anyone…
Ram Thilak

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