Saguni- The Name Speaks For Itself

Saguni, which stars Karthi, Pranitha and Santhanam is said to be a political drama but its a total non-sense movie.Directed by Shankar Dayal, the story has a lot of loopholes, the screenplay is absolutely ruthless and even the music by G.V Prakash Kumar fails to catch the audience’s interests.The background score by GVP also doesn’t gel with the script.

The film begins with the death of the current CM acted by Chandra Mohan because of a political plot by Bhupathi(Prakash Raj) to get the CM post. Meanwhile, Kamala Kannan (Karthi) who hails from Karaikudi comes to Chennai to save his ancestral home as the Government has decided to take over it for the railway project.He comes across a lot of political people and their subordinates who gives false promises to him that they’ll help him out in this problem. After a certain stage he’s fed up with them and the remaining part of the film is about how he fights against them and saves his ancestral home.

The so-called heroine of the movie Pranitha as Sridevi has no significance and just fills the space of a female lead. Though, Saguni is classified as a political satire, this movie is a cliche with a hero introduction song, duets and the good wins over evil thing.Kollywood has to improve itself in the quality of films and change the way of making films instead of following the same old mantra.Santhanam as Rajni Appadhurai is the only positive in the movie and his catchy dialogues are appreciated well by the audience.

The movie lacks both reality and logic. Certain facts shown in the movie go against itself during the course of the movie.In accordance with the film,Karthi(Kamala Kannan) has to save his ancestral home for which he comes to Chennai.But then he makes Ramani(Raadhika Sarathkumar) to win the counselor election and finally makes her the Mayor of Chennai.Following this he’s arrested and meets Perumal(Kota Srinivasa Rao) in jail who has a political party.Then, he talks with him about the elections in Tamil Nadu and as problems arise they start a new party and finally makes Perumal the Chief Minister.At last, Perumal cancels the railway project and saves the ancestral home.

Karthi has acted well but he’s been a victim of the poor script and screenplay.The cameo appearances of Anushka Shetty and Andrea Jeremiah are totally unnecessary.Nasser as a God-man who earns many crores by Karthi’s guidance and provides money for Perumal during elections is another big drawback in script. On the whole, Saguni just as the name, is a ‘saguni’ for Tamil Cinema and is worthless watching it.Hope Karthi makes wise film choices in the future to keep his reputation intact.

Ram Thilak…


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