Obsessed With You!!!

A Sonnet from the viewpoint of a lover who’s missing his sweetheart…

Its been a while since I saw your lovely face,
Yet every moment I’am possessed by your thoughts,
I’m not sure if I can express what I feel; which is still a maze,
But your closeness with me always increases in my dreams.

I don’t know if I’ve become dependent on you,
Or perhaps I’ve become obsessed with you,
But your eyes keeps haunting me like a shadow,
Which makes me think; probably you’re the epicenter of my life tomorrow.

I can’t withstand this foreign feeling of mine,
But I just know that I’am not in my usual self,
Your sight can only quench this thirst of mine,
Which will certainly end up in rediscovering myself.

You’re navigating throughout my mind defying gravity,
And I want you to come down, realize my pain and heal my heart.

Ram Thilak

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