The Concept of GOD!!

First of all, this article is written only from my experiences in life and its not indented to hurt anyone’s feelings. Its just my exploration of the question about the existence of a supernatural force called GOD.

                            God is a word which is most commonly used by people at times of crisis in their life. When I started thinking about the existence of god, I understood that people always need someone to hold their burden. When we face a problem and have to solve it; the easiest thing which most people do is to say “God is there to help me out to solve it!!”. It doesn’t matter if god exists or not, that feeling of someone is there to help us solve our problems is what drives most people to solve it.

                             Most people say there is a universal supernatural power which definitely exists and guides the happenings of the earth. In that case, why do we have so many diversification in the portrayal of that so called force? Some people believe in the aspect of a formless god considering the fact that anything which transcends humanity cannot have any form. Opposite to this conviction, some parts of the world believe in different forms of the same god in different situations. Connected with these gods are so many rituals to be performed by people so as to make the god happy. The hierarchy goes even further, there are numerous sub divisions and specific to each group of people their rituals changes though the god they worship is same. Another group of people believe in implicit search of god instead of believing in explicit existence of god through meditation. Few people trust in the simple fact that “Love is God” and we have to spread love and affection wherever we go. Having seen these different forms of worship is what made me explore the concept of GOD.

                             From all these observations, I’ve found one thing in common, every religion has a text or a book guiding the way in which people who follow it have to conduct themselves. Yet another thing, every religious text was written with a common purpose of making its followers to lead a healthy life considering their mind,body and thoughts.Some of these texts associate fear with rituals because human mind is vulnerable to fear and this will ultimately make its followers perform every ritual without fail. So, its doesn’t matter which text you follow, the gist of each text is to make human lead a GOOD LIFE devoid of negative thoughts but only the language of each text is different. Thus, we have to always radiate noble thoughts and good words, both these things are equivalent to god.Words don’t mesmerize the human mind as pictures does. That’s the reason why a supernatural person called God was pictured and these good thoughts to lead a happy life was preached under his name. As days progressed, God became an emotional concept and people started diverting from the motive for which god was conceptualized. To put it simply, Good words and thoughts is the message for which god is the communication medium to reach human mind.  

                               I’m not an atheist. I know how hard to say NO to a thing to which you’ve been exposed right from your childhood as God must have become an emotional concept to you now. There’s no harm in having a belief but we shouldn’t take that belief beyond a threshold limit and start hating people who have different beliefs. The violence which happens in the name of god are man made things to achieve dominance and having been brought up in a globalized society we should put a full stop to these ridiculous actions. We have to keep in mind that though beliefs are different, the essence of every belief is same. Let me end with a quote from the poem a Psalm of Life,

  “Trust no future however pleasant,
    Let the dead past bury its dead,
    Act, act in the living present,
    With trust in yourself and God overhead”

 There’s no use in debating about the existence of God. Lets live in the present and follow the noble thoughts given in various texts related with god which will guide us to lead a tranquil life.

Ram Thilak.

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