Turbulence of the Mind!!!

Everyone of us, in our lives till now would have encountered some kind of problems. Most of these so called problems are created from a small issue and it starts accumulating in our mind to grow into a big problem.When that big problem is not healed at the right time it creates a lot of pain mentally and drives us into depression. When you go deep into your mind, to find the origin of the problem you’ll be surprised to know that your part was vital in transforming a silly issue into a problem.Some of them recreate past problems by self-pity. Its common for the human mind to blow up simple issues into a impending tsunami as though its going to wash away your remaining life.

                      All of us have to register one fact in our mind. Every person cannot act and react in the same way as they are used to all the time.Mind is one of the most turbulent part of the human body whose degree of change cannot be calculated.Every person has many encapsulated faces of himself which is revealed at different instances depending on the situation.Even that person may not know that (its not multiple personality disorder :P) but that’s the way body functions. So when your friend,spouse or anyone who’s close to you suddenly behaves differently from the way they used to, we have to understand that they are in a different state of mind now. When we ignore such excited state of happenings in our life, we can taste more peace of mind.Reacting to a person who’s shouting with anger can never ever solve a problem.

                                     As we are approaching towards a digitized,fast and a smart world pressure and tension are bound to increase simultaneously.Its not worthwhile to debate on this new society but we can accustom ourselves to this new world by behaving as smart humans.Smartness in handling emotions will be a critical factor of the globalized society.Nowadays we are transmitting many “unwanted unnecessary information” through the available multiple mediums of communications which is also another source of these problems.We have to have a discretion before speaking anything in important situations.A casual talk which does not cause any harm is acceptable but it should be limited to reduce problems.When we become vulnerable to problems, its our responsibility to manage it by acting wisely.

                                     The bottom line of this post is that when we come across any misunderstandings we have to know that the mistake also lies with us.Just because that person was not in his usual self at that instant doesn’t mean he/she is bad.Accept the mistakes of people and keep in mind that none is absolutely perfect in everything.Lets build a world where mistakes committed by people are understood,healed but not repeated.

Ram Thilak

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