A Letter To GOD!!

Before I was born on this earth, I was floating in my mother’s womb securely adjusting buoyancy. My heart started ticking rhythmically as I stepped into this world. It was the time when I first transmitted love to every single person who saw me by making them SMILE!!.

                                                   But when I began to face this world independently, problems started to fly around me defying gravity. I was slowly sinking in the quagmire of difficulties. I shouted for help silently, deep inside my heart but none was able to decode my pain.But when your (GOD) footprint was registered in my life, a new sense of belief coupled with joy filled my heart transcending all my pains. The tranquility I saw in your eyes, the wisdom I got from your words, the confidence I observed in your walk everything instilled the faith that you are the person who has the potency to save me from the quagmire.

                                                 You kept my faith intact, by understanding the sufferings inside me and encoding it with customized solutions. You pulled me slowly and carefully out of every difficulty I’d been facing by sharing my pain and finally nullified my sorrows.I’m now enjoying the renaissance I got from you and I want to radiate happiness to all people surrounding me. You’ve taught me to love myself and loving oneself is a form of divinity which has to be discovered by every human being. To express how deeply I love myself, I’ve written a sonnet describing it….

Every time I see a soul in my vicinity,
I want to convert all its negativity into positivity,
I want to keep that soul brimming with joy,
In that way, I love myself.

When someone around me makes a mistake,
I’ll see their circumstances and take it with the stride,
Because no one in this planet is impeccable,
In that way I love myself.

I always want to spread a world of goodness around me,
I want to refresh this planet with my attitude,
I want to make this world a better place to live,
In that way I love myself.

I want to lay my footprint permanently in the sands of time,
Which I’ll achieve definitely with the grace of the Divine.

                                              I want to live a life filled with overflowing goodness and happiness all around me. I don’t want to be a prisoner of the past or the architect of my future; instead I want to live in the present moment enjoying all its beauty. Looking forward to see my world in a different way!! 🙂

Ram Thilak…

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