Can Healthy Advertisements be made possible??

                                                 The history of advertising has been immemorial starting from the word of mouth advertising, followed by print advertising in newspapers and finally digital age advertising using television and internet.  Advertising has been used by many companies to reach the end consumers and to persuade them to use their products or services. Nowadays, advertising has become prevalent in almost all the activities surrounding us starting from reading a newspaper in the morning, using the internet and posters while traveling across roads. By making that product to stay within our sight, they play with the psychology of the human mind which drives the consumers to try that product.

                                                 The awareness about a new product which enters a market cannot be made without intensive advertising. Most companies today largely focus only on promotion of the product rather than the quality of the product/service. They fail to understand that brand building without consumer satisfaction is impossible. When entering the market they spend a lot for advertisements and when their product doesn’t stand up to their promotion, that company ultimately flops. Brand ambassador is another strategy employed by many accomplished companies to increase their market share. Again, there is a psychological factor involved with it as the people who like that person may switch over to the advertised brand. People shouldn’t get carried away by just promotion; but must also give importance to service and quality offered. Healthy advertisements which portray about the product can be accepted always. One company which has always amazed me with their advertisement methods is that of Johnson&Johnson company. The company which produces baby products has never deviated from its primary focus and has also equally matched up their promotion with quality.
                                          Restricting advertisements is not practically possible as this industry pumps in a lot of money into the economy and for the companies. But the saddened aspect nowadays is that, even educational institutions, Non-Governmental Organizations are also advertising about their achievements to attract people. Promoting of education is acceptable but marketing education with an inherent intention of gaining profits by providing that service cannot be accepted in a healthy society. The same applies to Non Governmental Organizations also. They advertise about the service they provided to suffering people. I do accept that you’ve indeed shown gratitude to people but why advertise about that? Isn’t this like Blowing your own trumpets?! If earning money is the ultimate aim then those people shouldn’t have chosen sectors like education and service.

                                         Advertisements which has become a part and parcel of our every day life shouldn’t be believed blindly. People must know to filter between the good and the bad. False promotion of the products using doctored facts has become very common in advertising nowadays and hence thinking twice before buying is also important.Advertisers has even gone down to the worst level of portraying women in wrong ways to market their products. This is absolutely unacceptable and in those advertisements their is no relevance between the product and promoter(women). These filthy ads must definitely be banned.I’m not against advertising but at the same time it shouldn’t be done in the wrong way. When we have a strict certification society for films in India and in the same way for advertisements also rules have to be made more rigid. Unless or otherwise restrictions are imposed, these advertisers will continue promote products with irrelevant methods.

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