Hurting yourself is height of stupidity!!!

Of late, it has become very common to see people hurt them self. The present generation in which I’m also part of, is always in search of a life which is built in a bed of roses. They want everything in their life to be pleasant and peaceful without any problems. They fail to understand that problems are the ones which ultimately makes our life challenging and by solving a problem we get peace and then life becomes pleasant temporarily. People of all ages, all sections of the society are facing troubles in their respective lives but only the type of the issue differs.

Self-pity is the seed which makes people go to the extent of hurting themselves. When encountered with a problem, they consider themselves as the most unluckiest person in this whole world and start mourning inside their mind. As I’ve said earlier, they can share their pain to someone close to them but they even consider that as bothering others in their problem. This is the reason why God created a wonderful relationship called FRIENDSHIP in this world; to share both happiness and pain.A true friend will be a companion throughout your life and will make sure the buoyancy of your mind is always maintained. When you don’t share your pain, it starts accumulating in your mind and the culmination of this pain drives you to the extent of hurting yourself. When this goes beyond a saturation point, your accumulated pain will make you murder yourself :-(. When you do that, you’re not only hurting your body but also the trust which your friends have on you,the trust which your loved ones have on you, the trust which your parents have on you and the trust which your soul has on you.This act of hurting or in worst cases murdering oneself will indirectly or directly hurt many other people and can never ever act as a solution for that problem.

                                                 Life is like a river and hence it cannot be static. When its static, insects, algae, fungi starts to grow and it becomes a waste. Hence, changes, both good and bad keep happening to keep the river of life in dynamic movement.Sometimes, these changes can be very turbulent affecting you thoroughly causing sudden twists. But then, the river never stops.It somehow flows through the meandering curves and keeps moving in its path.God resides in the sea.Until or otherwise God wants your soul to take rest in the sea, we got to keep moving.Try to find happiness in every single event of your life and do remember that when you’re denied of something, God is preparing you for something better….

Ram Thilak…

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