Maattrraan- Hard Work not Utilized to Full Extent…

Maattrran starring Suriya as conjoined twins and Kajal Agarwal came with a lot of holla and promotion but finally ended without satisfying the fans wholly. Yet again, Kollywood has adopted scientific themes with masala elements which is distressing as both don’t go together well. Though, there are many positives from this movie when considering all the aspects of the movie it didn’t meet up to the hype it created.

The plot of the movie involves Ramachandran(Sachin Khedekar) who has not got due respect and credit for his research in genetic engineering. The birth of conjoined twins Vimalan and Akilan (both played by Suriya himself) who have only one heart is one of Ramachandran’s experiments in baby designing which turns out to be unsuccessful and hence they are born as conjoined twins. Just like all stereotype Tamil movies, the baby boys grow into adults in a song!! Meanwhile, Ramachandran begins a company called Locus Lacto Products and makes huge profits through a product called “Energion”.
Then, the story focuses on Vimalan and Akilan; both being very different while the former is carrying a good-boy image and the latter is care-free about life. Anjali( Kajal Agarwal) joins their company as a Russian translater and another character named Volga is introduced as a spy from Ukvania (a fictitious country from USSR) who tries to steal the trade secrets from Ramachandran. This attempt by her becomes a flop and hence she tries to do that through Vimalan and Akilan by introducing herself as a journalist. At one point of time, she tells the reason for spying to Vimalan by making him understand that his father’s product Energion is injurious to the health and his father is manufacturing it besides knowing this fact.Ramachandran, in order to hide his face kills Raghu, his R&D research assistant who finds the defect in this product and also Volga, who before getting murdered swallows a pen drive which carries all the information about “Energion”. Vimalan somehow gets this pen drive from mortuary. After knowing this, Ramachandran sets up a robbery gang to get this pen drive from Vimalan and during this process he’s hit hardly on his head and is declared brain dead. The common heart which Vimalan has is transplanted to Akilan and the first half of the movie is over!!…The crux of the second half is how Akilan solves the mystery and exposes his father’s real face. 
Coming to the positives of the movie, Suriya’s acting is flawless and this time he’s also scored well in comedy and dance sequences. The comical, care-free character Akilan is well appreciated by the audience as they’ve been bored of seeing Suriya in a decent, good-boy image in many films.The editing by Anthony deserves full credit for making the appearance of conjoined twins on screen without any glitches. The movie is racy; though the screenplay could have been better. The fight and dance sequences are made customized to conjoined twins giving the audience that sense of awe. The song locales are totally eye-catching and KV Anand shows his class with it. Experimenting with a concept of conjoined twins, Maattrran is definitely a good attempt. 
The screenplay of the movie and the duration is a major drawback in Maattrran. The BGM by Harris Jeyaraj in fights is ruthless by playing gaana sequences in the background when Suriya is fighting in USSR?!!. A few BGM’s are taken from Whistle (Tamil Thriller Movie) and its blindly copied without any modulation!!.. The songs are bearable and some are good; thanks to the picturesque locations where it’s  taken.Though, the second half of the movie is trimmed( according to sources), the duration plays with the audience nerves. The disastrous part in second half is that Akilan transforms himself into Vimalan’s good boy image when the thoughts about his brother keeps troubling him. Adding insult to this is that, Anjali who’s initially in love with Vimalan will finally fall in love with Akilan in the second half. Had KV Anand kept the character of Akilan intact in the second half and make him solve this mystery over “Energion” in a comical way (like Karthi does in Siruthai where a thief wins over a mafia in a comical way) the movie would have reached well.The specialty in KV Anand’s movies is his manageable realism which is missing in Maattrran. The magic which Ayan and KO gave is not there and this definitely disappoints the audience.Though, immense hard work has been pumped in for this movie it has not been channelized in the right way to make Maattran into a blockbuster.I myself being a Suriya fanatic didn’t come out of the theater with that happiness of having seen a great movie. The bottom-line for Maattrran is that its watchable for the effort given by Suriya and the technical team but its not exceptional.
Ram Thilak

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