Thaandavam- Could have been terrific, But..

Thaandavam, the film starring Vikram, Anushka Shetty, Lakshmi Rai, Amy Jackson, Naaser directed by A.L Vijay is rich with stardom and hype but didn’t quench the expectations it created. The movie is inspired by the concept of human echolocation could have been crafted differently to make it a great film. The director must ensure that the usual stereotype is not adopted when making films with scientific concepts. I still don’t know how long will our directors stick to the same two and a half hour duration film with five songs. Very few directors come out of this cliche and give fast paced movies.

  Coming to Thaandavam, the movie kick starts with a flash back about the bomb blast which occurred about a year ago. Then, Kenny (Vikram) begins his sequel of murders even though he is blind.Following this, comes the introduction of Sarah(Amy Jackson) in a pageant along with a song.She aspires to become Miss Universe and during the process of improving her social profile she meets Kenny in a church.Veerakathi (Nasser) is the police officer who is to solve and find the murderer involved in this series of murders. While Kenny keeps continuing his sequel of murders, Sarah gets attracted to Kenny not knowing him completely.When the film is moving fast, the speed breaker in the form of flash back sets in to act as a spoiler. In the flash back, Kenny is actually Shiva Kumar who is an RAW agent in India. His roots are from a village in Tamil Nadu and marries a girl of his mother’s choice. Meenashi(Anushka Shetty) becomes Shiva Kumar’s wife who is an eye-doctor in Delhi. They agree between themselves that they will not lead a complete married life unless or otherwise they fall in love with each other.Shiva Kumar’s best friend and colleague Sharath comes across a case on nuclear bombs which the latter handles. Considering the seriousness of the case, Shiva intervenes to solve the case for Sharath. Shiva travels to London for this and after reaching there he understands that he’s betrayed by Sharath. As time goes by, Meenashi falls in love with Shiva and decides to propose to him. Having faith in Sharath, she travels to London with him and becomes a victim of the bomb blast. In the same bomb blasts, Shiva loses his eye sight.Geetha (Lakshmi Rai) loses her husband Kenny Thomas in the bomb blasts and she prepares Shiva to take revenge on the persons involved in bomb blasts under her husband’s identity. The film ends abruptly with Shiva completing his sequel of murders and is even spared by court as he has only killed terrorists.

                                                 The songs don’t go with the sequence of the movie which has been a common problem with most of the Kollywood films.Vikram, as always has essayed his role to perfection and there are no qualms about his acting.The comedy sequences by Santhanam gels well with the movie but not all of them are laughable.The music by GV Prakash Kumar is soothing but the background music in murder sequences could have been more powerful. Had the village sequence and the concept of love after marriage was not there; Thaandavam would have been more racy and would have used the concept of echolocation to perfection.The director could also have kept the concept of echolocation as a secret till the release of the movie to create that sense of awe to the audience when they watch the film for the first time.That marketing strategy was missed by A L Vijay. On the whole, the director didn’t tap the full potential of the concept of echolocation by falling prey to the cliche method of film making.

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