Digital Culture must also have a human touch!!!

We are in the digital world!!… All around us are digitized..(The television which was left analog till now has also been asked to be digitized 😛 😀 :D) People have become slaves to the technology which was created by us.I remember a dialogue from 3 Idiots which goes this way, Professor asks “What is a machine(or technology)?” and the student replies, “Anything that reduces human effort is called a machine.” But considering the way in which our lives are going now, I fear the day when ‘human’ is totally lost from that statement. In the present world, TIME is considered is an invaluable resource yet most of us waste it in front of useless things in the digital world instead of engaging in human interaction.

Lets take an example to go deeper into this growing digital culture. Camera was invented to capture moments of our life that brings us happiness every time we see it.30 years earlier, a photo or a video was restricted to festive occasions and functions.In the current scenario, we’ve got a camera in almost all digital devices we use and we start taking snapshots of almost everything.Some people are at least intelligent enough to keep these pictures restricted to themselves.The bizarre ones put these in social portals and beg people to comment on the pictures and even like it.The present generation have created a lot of interest for themselves;it can be termed as self-obsession.As I’ve already mentioned in one of my previous posts, people want to project themselves well in online ‘virtual’ world more than in the offline ‘real’ world.There are a lot of benefits from the social portals(like I also use it to express my views :D) but then exploitation of technology cannot be accepted.When we wear a new dress, buy a new bike, go to a gym and many more worthless things needn’t be projected.. Is it necessary to update every movement of yourself in a social portal?

WE must never succumb to things which does not have LIFE.We must instead become slaves to love and affection expressed by people.Our generation is the first to experience this change of human emotions over technology.We have to understand that if this condition persists then, its bound to become dangerous for us and for the people to come.We have to somehow eradicate this growing culture from the roots.We are the roots on which this culture is growing and hence we must take steps to come out of it.Relations are reducing day-in and day-out.Nuclear families are becoming more common.Our circle of people to interact is restricted to friends,parents and if possible(I’m telling this pathetically) grandparents and finally cousins.At some point of time in our life, we’ll understand that our lustrous digital world is purely temporary and it cannot generate happiness.Instead of constantly sticking with devices, we can slowly begin to spread emotions steadily and become more human.As we grow old, the importance for these lustrous devices will rust and the importance will shift towards the need for people.Relationships can’t be built in a single day and its time for us to allocate importance for human interactions too..Albert Einstein once quoted, “I fear the day when technology replaces human interaction.” We must ensure that this statement is always feared but does not occur.

Ram Thilak.    

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