Teachers sculpt kiddos into pros!!!

This blog post will remain close to my heart forever. Its about TEACHERS.

Teachers are the ones who work beyond their capacity to give their best for the students. They are one of the most selfless creatures on earth who derive happiness from the achievements of their students. Although they are paid for what they do, inculcating knowledge without involvement will not prove useful. Hence, most teachers love their job and that’s what produces smart students.

From my childhood, I’ve been blessed to have some of the best teachers. They’ve inspired me, motivated me, guided me and even taught me on how to lead a healthy life. Though, I’m doing my UG now I still remember the teachers I had during my KG!! :P. Not all teachers I remember but there are a few whom I call as ‘impact teachers’ who will never fade from my memory.The first teacher in the stack is Mrs.Parvathy in Saraswathi Vidyalaya where I did my KG.Having trust in my memory, I guess she taught me English.The school’s environment is still fresh in my mind which had a big playground welcoming you at the entrance and a small temple on the left side. The students had a separate pathway with to reach the classes. Huge trees were dangling on both sides of the pathway and I’ve even seen bats living there 😛 :P!!! The teacher I feared the most was our vice principal Mrs.Liza. She didn’t handle any classes but her stature feared almost all kids studying there.Few of my friends who studied KG with me are still in touch with me; thanks to Facebook 😀 :D.Till my 4th standard I studied there and a fond memory of that school is my KG to 1st Standard Graduation pic :). Those childhood days were beyond awesome.

Next in line, comes my middle school GRT Mahalakshmi Vidyalaya. This was a huge change for me to accept. Having roamed happily in the my big old school, restricting myself to a small apartment-like school was difficult for me initially. The school had four floors, a basement and a small ground. My favorite teachers in this school include my Physics teacher Mrs.Mythilli and my Geography teacher Mrs.Geetha.My love for languages was discovered by me in this school. My Hindi teachers Mrs.Geetha Rani, Mrs.Chitra and my English teachers Mrs.Jogi Esther(Vice Principal), Mrs.Visalam are very special for me. I used to read every poem with a lot of love, be it in Hindi or in English. I also gave a Hindi Speech in the assembly one day which was highly appreciated by my teachers. I also ventured into sports and music in this school. I went on to play volleyball and table tennis in this school. I even tried my hands with the keyboard. I was particularly attracted to table tennis a lot. I also made a lot of good friends in this school. One of the fond memories of this school is my excursion to Yercaud when I was in my 7th Standard.It happens to be the only excursion I’ve gone during my school days.These memories are lovely looking backwards though I didn’t realize it’s worth when I was experiencing it.

My Secondary and Higher secondary schooling happened at one of the finest schools in the city DAV Matriculation School.As I jumped from school after school, the size of the school got reduced :P. Though, the quality of education was of very high in DAV, the ecosystem of the school wouldn’t impress any student. It was again an apartment-like school with very small classrooms. The teachers here worked very hard to keep the reputation of the school intact. This school focused largely on delivering the results. I was influenced by a lot of teachers in this very school. Teachers such as Mrs.Sujatha(Biology) worked harder than the students and she left an everlasting influence in me.Mrs.Kanchanamala who handled English  was the teacher who made me tap the love for English language which I have now. My Hindi teacher Mrs.Malarvizhi was also very special to me.They are again the ‘impact teachers’ in my life.I learnt a lot about life and people when I came out of this school. The memories given by this school to me were the latest but not the best.

Teachers lay the foundation in the life of any student. They teach us the fundamentals of all subjects while the fancy stuff is learnt in colleges. A child is exposed to two atmospheres; the home atmosphere and the school atmosphere during his/her impressionable age. Both these atmospheres are equally important in sculpting him/her into a responsible human being. Parents have an emotional binding towards us and hence expecting love and care from them is natural. But, teachers don’t have this emotional compulsion yet they shower their care over us and be happy at our development.We should never forget them for life.The foundation of the building is not explicitly visible, yet the building stands firmly only because of the foundation. Teachers are just like that.They are definitely the unsung heroes of the society.

Just like me, every one will the have the reminiscence of certain teachers constantly reverberating in your mind. If you have so, then try to get in touch with that teacher and talk to her. It will make you happy and the teacher happy as well.A teacher-student relationship is one which never loses its luster even as the years roll on.Hence, try to revive this relationship and maintain it.

Ram Thilak…    

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