Thuppaki hits Bull’s eye!!!

Thuppaki, the much-hyped action thriller movie, written and directed by A R Muragadoss keeps the expectations intact by proving to be a worthy gift for this Diwali.The film which has an ensemble cast of high-quality technicians like Santhosh Sivan(cinematographer) and Sreekar Prasad(Editing) was a big positive for Thuppaki.Both these specialists have showcased their prowess and made Thuppaki a visual treat.Apart from this, the film also rides comfortably on the sensible screenplay of A R Muragadoss and Vijay’s mass-hero cult status.

The plot of the movie has Jagdish(Vijay), an army officer who comes home for his holiday to Mumbai. His parents then rush him for bride-viewing ceremony where he meets Nisha(Kajal Agarwal).He finds her traditional and rejects her.Then, he comes to know that she’s a boxer and a bold woman.Having known this, he runs behind her to make her accept him.Meanwhile, when Jagdish and police officer Balaji(Sathyan) were traveling in a metropolitan bus, they come across a suspicious individual who was later identified to be responsible for the explosion that happened in the bus that day.Jagdish kidnaps that suspicious person when he tried to escape from the hospital after being caught by the police and kept in hospital.He inquires him clandestinely and finds that he’s a sleeper cell. He finds a paper with points in his bag and finds out that the terrorist groups have planned to bomb Mumbai at 12 different places. With the help of his camp mates who’ve come to attend a marriage in Mumbai, Jagdish plays spoilsport in the planned serial blasts by shooting down all 12 sleeper cells. He then decides to find the whole cluster of sleeper cells and find its chief(Vidyut Jamal). Keeping this in mind, he carries out all his operations without informing the police or the army. The antagonist played by Vidyut Jamal who’s the head of the sleeper cells starts his operation on finding the person responsible for these attacks on sleeper cells.Side by side, the romantic scenes between Jagdish and Nisha continues(though it doesn’t look like real romance, hero and heroine are meant to do that only!! :P).The comedy element, taken care by Jayaram also comes across in the screenplay never failing to incite a laughter.The movie ends with Jagdish winning over the head of sleeper cells and heading back to army life.

Vijay has totally(or rather finally) come out of his usual masala movie style which is a big positive for this movie.The realism in this movie is within acceptable standards though in some parts it might disappoint intelligent audiences.A R Murugadoss has ensured that the movie never becomes stagnant by using the parallel screenplay tactic of masala elements such as romance,comedy, song sequences on one side and shootouts,fights,decoding the sleeper cells on the other. Coming to the music element, Harris has scored well though it cannot be called extraordinary. Some of the songs resemble closely to his previous tunes but the BGM’s are newly composed by Harris. The ‘Google Google’ song has excellent lyrics but the tune looks very much similar to the recently popular ‘Gangnam Style’ song.On the whole, Thuppaki which revolves around Vijay has definitely silenced the critics and is a must watch accelerating entertainer.Vijay has come out of his comfort zone by making films without punch dialogues, item numbers and film-alien comedy tracks. Hope Vijay tries to make films like these too though his mass-hero image will never be diminished.

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