Neethaane En Ponvasantham Misses Gautham’s Magic..

Neethaane En Ponvasantham(NEP) starring Jivva-Samantha is a watchable movie but doesn’t even stand up to the hype it created prior to its release.The film portrays the usual clashes which occur in any relationship but the slow pace and the duration of the movie spoils the charm of NEP. The tagline “This could be your Love Story” suits very well as at some instances the audience will get to feel that they’ve also done the same thing in their lives. Gautham has made a realistic portrayal of the urban lovers through Jivva and Samantha but had the story been trimmed by 20 minutes, the reach of NEP among the audience would have been better.When you watch this movie, you tend to get a reminiscence of some of Gautham’s previous movies and also some past Tamil movies which is distressing.

The plot of the movie involves the transition love between Varun(Jiiva) and Nithya(Samantha) right from their childhood through their school days, college days and the present day. Varun and Nithya become friends in childhood as they are neighbors and at one occasion Varun leaves Nithya to play cricket with other friends. Nithya is angered by this act of Varun and stops speaking with him. Then, the story shifts to Varun’s school days(10th Standard) where he again meets Nithya in a tuition center.He tries to revive their friendship and becomes successful. Varun joins 11th Standard in Nithya’s school and then slowly their friendship matures into love. Varun quarrels with Nithya about her friendship with Deepak and angered by this act she breaks up with Varun. The story then shifts to college days where Varun meets Nithya in an inter-college event.The school day events are narrated by Varun to Prakash(Santhanam), Varun’s best friend in college.Then again Varun revamps his love with Nithya and the climax of the movie is whether they’ll join together or not.

The story doesn’t offer anything new to Tamil Cinema. Gautham’s touch to love stories will usually leave the audience mesmerized and spellbound which lacks completely in NEP. The comedy handled by Santhanam and a character called Jenny is a standout of NEP. Every time, Santhanam is on-screen he ensures that the audience laugh with his timing jokes and double meaning dialogues.Instead of appending an alien comedy track to the movie, Gautham has given characters to comedy artists thus safeguarding the flow of the movie which is to be appreciated. The best part of NEP is its music and soundtrack. Illaiyaraja has proved his prowess yet again with NEP and his BGM’s at some sequences of the movie are top class. He’s without any doubt a maestro of music. I personally felt that the number of songs in the movie could have been reduced since it drags the movie a lot.

Gautham wants to communicate to the audience the pain of love in relationships and the decisions taken hastily by urban youngsters who’re in love.He also wants to show what ego can do to a wonderful relationship.Though, Gautham has tried hard to convey this complex theory, he’s only partially successful as in many parts of the movie, both the actors go against their own decisions and the realization of their mistakes happen very late.This results in a boomerang of love-break up-love between Varun and Nithya which is irritating for a viewer.Finally, Varun understands that he truly loves only Nithya after intervention and advise from his father which happens an hour before his scheduled marriage.This final part of the movie is totally cinematic and it annoys the audience though the movie has a positive ending.The number of fights and quarrels in the movie could have been reduced and NEP takes after a lot from Gautham’s earlier flicks Vaaranam Aayiram and Vinnaithandi Varuvaya, again a negative factor.I hope Gautham experiments with other genres of movie next time, leaving his inclination towards romantic films.

On a grading scale, I would give NEP 3 on 5. If you want to see what kind of problems can occur in love and hear some soothing music do watch NEP but without worrying about the time. 😛

Ram Thilak

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