Rajinikanth- Thalaiva!!!!!! You’re Great!!!

Rajinikanth, the potency of this word can only be felt by a Tamil Film Lover(or rather all those who’ve watched his films).A person who was once a bus conductor came to an alien state and was identified by a legend who gave him an entry into films and then the rest is history.The bus conductor was Rajinikanth and the legend was director K.Balachander. Rajinikanth’s life is not another rags to riches story, its different in many ways and I’m writing this to register my observations.Dedicated to Superstar on his special birthday 12.12.12.

Craving a niche for himself in Tamil Cinema:
Tamil Cinema throughout its history was focused more towards excellence in acting rather than performances. We’ve had many decorated artists in the industry but none have been under worship like Rajinikanth. Rajini ensured that he not only acted but also performed well in all his roles. All his films largely have been more of good-wins-evil type which is common but the Rajini phenomenon makes it special. Rajini added a tinge of style statements, punch dialogues, fast dialogue delivery all have made meager roles of his into extraordinary performances.Even as an actor, he’s shown his prowess but hero worship of the SuperStar was largely due to his signature style acting. He lies ubiquitous in every Tamil Film goer’s heart.Mass appeal is always present with Rajini and some of his movies have exploited this factor too to earn big bucks.Though many upcoming heroes have tried to emulate him, none have been a match for this SuperStar. He continues his monopoly in the Tamil Industry increasing his fanfare film after film.

Not Forgetting the burdened past, though the present is glamorous:
Its common for rational people to forget the past when they achieve success.Even in the midst of overflowing success, Rajini has never forgotten his mentor K.Balachander and his co-artist friend Kamal Hassan. Kamal thought Rajini the intricacies of acting and he’s always been faithful to his friend.I remember an on-stage interview in which K.Balachander questioned Rajini on “How many cigarettes do you smoke everyday?”, Rajini replied that he’s reduced a lot now, just a 1 or 2 sometime.Any other person would not have accepted for a live interview on stage except Rajini. It comes to show how much faith and respect Rajini has got for his mentor though he’s now in a higher position in life.In another event hosted to celebrate Kamal Hassan, Rajini spoke degrading himself to glorify Kamal. In any other stardom friendship, this event could not have occurred except with Rajini and Kamal. Not forgetting the past an important parameter which has helped Rajini maintain his popularity for many years.

Having a well-nourished personal life and not entering politics:
For a celebrity, besides the factor that made them famous, having a wholesome personal life is of very high priority. As with Rajinikanth, his success in profession had a complete support from his family as well. His spouse Latha ,children Soundarya and Aishwarya have not done any thing which brings defame to their father(till now!).This makes Rajinikanth successful as an artist, husband, father and a person as well.Unlike, other film stars who start a political party when they become popular, Rajini has ensured he stayed away from politics. Though, at some instances there have been cases in which he has inclined towards a party during elections but then he’s not openly shown his support towards any party.Many people even consider him as the “King Maker” as his words are blindly followed by an enormity of people in Tamil Nadu.When people impose on him a question about politics, Rajini often gives a diplomatic answer that has left people guessing about his political ambitions(if it exists so!!) till date.

Maintaining a low public profile:
The present generation consider themselves as celebrities when they get like on facebook or when their tweets are retweeted :P.Despite being a star of very high stature, Rajinikanth has never ever glorified himself publicly.With multiple mediums to promote almost anything in this internet, Rajini has never used it(or rather needs one too) to advertise about his achievements. In fact, most people(I may be one too in writing this post 😀 :P) use his mass appeal to promote their products by using animated versions of him, punch dialogues of him and even a book titled “Punch-tantra” has been published using his dialogues. Rajini rarely attends public gatherings and if he attends one, then its festive time there.Media has always been in the lookout for some bad gossips about him but they are still searching.His low public profile has increased the value of his presence.He’s an epitome of simplicity.

  All these are just few factors of this phenomenon called Rajinikanth. Though many people call him as Superstar, I love him calling him “Thalaivar” which  translates to Leader.His stardom can never lose its luster and I’m proud of being a devotee of Thalaivar Rajinikanth.

                                TAKE A BOW!!!  THALAIVA!!!! YOU’RE GREAT………

Ram Thilak

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