The Rhythm of Love!!!

Just tried my hands in another romantic poem… 🙂

My love towards you is like an illuminating flame,
Never can you find the beginning or the end of it,
Thoughts about you is the oxygen which makes it glow,
And you ignite happiness in my life every time I think about you.[FIRE]

You’re constantly circumnavigating in my mind like a river,
Every drop of you creates capillary waves rushing through my mind,
I’m moving every second with the hope of reaching the ocean of you,
None can separate you from me as you’re mixed with my blood.[WATER]

I can even touch for you the deepest ocean’s depth,
After visualizing you within my eyes and taking a deep breath,
This action is not for proving my love towards you,
But to prove that your breath can take me to any distance.[AIR]

I see two black moons in a white universe on your face,
With 32 stars glittering every now and then adding beauty to beautiful,
I haven’t seen space but your universe is definitely more wonderful,
I’d like to have this beauty spread throughout my phases and spaces of my life.[SPACE]

My world is filled with you and you alone; making it my Earth,
All the forces of nature are nurtured on you,
What else can I ask for when you get such an wonderful world,
I’d like to take care of this artistry made by God till death and even beyond.[EARTH]

Ram Thilak

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