Cultural Emergency- An Impending Crisis In India

“India facing a Cultural Emergency”, stated by Salman Rushdie recently in the Jaipur Literary Festival has a high probability of becoming a BIG problem in a multicultural society like India. In a country which amasses people brought up in different cultural ecosystems, the acceptance of a culture takes time. People are separated  by walls built upon religion, culture, traditions, lifestyle apart from differences in their characters. This issue is very fragile and sensitive in nature as reactions to this can hurt people’s sentiments. I’m not talking in favor of anyone, I’m just trying to express my views and hence please don’t misunderstand what I’m  registering.

What caused the spark inside me to write this article is the commotion raised against the release of Viswaroopam movie stating that it hurts Muslim sentiments. I’m not a patron for Kamal Hassan or promoting his film, but it’s absolutely ridiculous in targeting a movie even before it’s released. An artist’s creativity cannot be curtailed unless or otherwise it contains “inappropriate content.” Objecting the release of a movie after it’s been certified by the Censor Board is pointless.The story upon which the movie is based should be the differentiating factor when it comes to commenting on a movie. When it wholly portrays a group of people wrongly, then it should definitely be banned but otherwise it should not be opposed.As Salman Rushdie stated “Artists and filmmakers happen to be soft targets.” This is because when the rebels raise voices against artists it naturally becomes a controversial topic and an object of debate in mass media.

Though, our school education system has thought us to adapt ourselves in a cross-cultural environment, the education which happens at home does not stress on acceptance of other cultures and religions.Very few parents teach(or rather allow) their lads to interact with people from diverse cultures and learn what every culture teaches mankind.A child is exposed to both these learning environments and hence both has to complement each other to ensure wholesome development of the child.

No religion/culture is detrimental to mankind’s existence or is dominant.Every religion/culture has it’s own  intricacies and specialties. Following a religion/culture is left to us, but hurting others religion is not fair. There is no grading scale when it comes to religion and only people create hierarchies in their mind proclaiming themselves as superior or inferior. Galvanizing people by pumping negative attitudes in their mind using emotional words is a tool used by most small organizations to create rioters.Most people fall prey to this and disrupt the harmony in the society.

Most people in India are still lacking emotional maturity.Triggering people using stimulants in the name of religion has become very common and has to be stopped before it grows into a crisis. When a country proclaims itself as secular, how can it allow organizations to have a religious stamp? Propagating the goodness of religion through organizations is acceptable but using the same group to develop belligerent people using emotional stimulants is a huge point of concern. Some careful intervention and necessary restrictions in the functioning of these organizations should be definitely be made for to keep the society stable.  

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