Message Delivery > Message Itself!!

The way in which the message is delivered is definitely more important than the message itself.A good message wrongly communicated will gather poor appeal from the masses thus making a good message less worthy. On the other hand, even an ordinary message told with necessary oratory ingredients will be of more value.

Though, the content of the message is important, the confidence with which it is said is more important. Content without confidence will not prove to be a successful message rendition. Mark Twain quotes, “What differentiates a speaker from a orator is the intent in his words and the confidence with which it is delivered.” A message which is delivered without intent will be like a house built on poor foundation.
Human mind is always susceptible to emotions. People with great oratory skills are well aware of this factor and hence they sway people to their side by adding an emotional element along with the messages they convey. They are adept in sticking an emotionally compelling concept to their messages thus winning in conveying the message.
It’s also very important to convey the message in a precise and accurate manner. Complex messages with sophisticated vocabulary are hard for the human mind to accept.Thus using simple words to transmit the message is also important. The famous proverb “Brevity is the soul of wit” also translates this concept.

While delivering a message, the momentum shift in the communication of the message is also important to make the message effectively reach the people.Elements such as pauses, examples, references from the past are essential in adding emotional ingredients to the message.
On the whole, without doubt message delivery is significantly important than the message itself. Again, the content which the message carries is also important but on comparison message delivery unanimously wins. I still stress on message content because as Randy Paush says “When the fundamentals are not there, the fancy stuff wouldn’t work”. The message is the fundamental. When it is void, the decorated elements will prove worthless. Thus, a decorated message delivery with a meaningful message will be the appropriate formula for being successful in the communication of the message.  

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