Professionalism bereft Spirituality and Reverence is Incomplete!!

                                     Professional is a term that is often misunderstood by growing adults and teenagers. They consider that being smart, discrete with a high proficiency in language are the attributes of a thorough professional. The mistake which most upcoming professionals do is that they apply their occupational strategies even beyond the office atmosphere.There is a bizarre change in the mindsets of the present Indian generation.Recently, I found a guy who works as an engineer is a Multinational company hesitating to get blessings from his own grandfather.Then, after his father’s persistence he made an halfhearted attempt and showed his obeisance(in India we show obeisance by touching the feet of elders).The reason stated by him was that he’s earning thousands of rupees each month and touching one’s feet affects his professionalism.I was taken aback when I saw his response but understood the immaturity of his mind though he’s successful in his job and making big bucks.This lack of reverence towards elderly, teachers, professors is now evident in almost all parts of India.This attitude of youngsters has to be nipped in the bud as this can result in a severe cultural implications where we Indians will be pushed to a state of losing the strengths rooted in our culture.How much ever monetary gains we hold, it cannot be compensated to the amount of experience they hold. Experience of elders is priceless!!

                              Many people think me as a fool when I talk about philosophy and spirituality. One of my friends constantly argues with me regarding my faith in the existence of a supernatural power. I usually smile at him and say “You still have to learn more!”.Spirituality is a domain that is not only limited in questioning the existence of GOD. There are many more spheres to be explored in this area which will ultimately lead us in self-realization.Steve Jobs, a person whom I admire a lot had a solid spiritual faith which guided him throughout his personal and professional life.He was a Buddhist who applied some of the principles of Buddhism to his products. Buddhism principles to technological products? This may sound strange to most people but that’s the extra-element which added beauty to Apple’s products besides exceptional design and quality. Jaggi Vasudev of Isha Foundation amalgamates the all these concepts beautifully into a single quote, “A Materialistic person earns only his food.For everything else-for joy, for peace, for love-he has to beg.A spiritual person earns everything himself-his love,his peace,his joy.He begs only for his food and if he wants he can get that too.” A Spiritually sound person is very strong from the Inside which will also guide him in the Outside world, in his profession and in his life thus ensuring that his stay on this planet is complete.
             The lack of reverence was caused as a result of misunderstanding western culture.In the west, relationships are much different to what we have here. We can’t emulate a whole culture and most Indians have been victimized to western culture considering it superior. Cultures are not meant for comparisons,  they  just portray our lifestyle and traditions.We Indians have some flaws in our traditions and culture.No culture is absolutely perfect.The strengths in our culture must not be forfeited at any cost. Obeisance to elderly, having a harmonious relationship with family, treating guests with respect are few strengths in our traditions which has to be followed by us and even to the forthcoming generations.I remember another quote at this moment, “Animals adapt themselves in accordance to the environment, but we humans change the environment to our convenience.” As Indians we have been brought in an ecosystem where certain cultural elements have to be followed. When external changes comes, we should only adapt ourselves to the changes. We shouldn’t change the entire system(or environment) for that change.That’s what is happening in India now and its high time we adapt, understand these nuances instead of falling prey to these changes and emulating it completely thus losing our individuality.  
             I’m seeing a rapid increase of young professional groups getting themselves involved in various social activities.This is a nice way of giving back to our society considering the benefits our motherland has bestowed upon us.As upcoming professionals, I would request all my friends to keep their mind chiseled with spiritual thoughts to ensure wholesome growth and to attain equanimity of mind.Spirituality is a tool which will pump optimism during stagnant and fragile phases of our lives.I would also like to insist to my friends to show reverence towards their teachers, professors and elders. Even small gestures like wishing them on Teacher’s Day, on their birthday, greeting them when you get to see them by chance can make them extremely happy.
Lets grow as Professionals showcasing humanity!!..
Ram Thilak

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