Viswaroopam- A Grandiose Thriller with lacunae!!

                               Viswaroopam, a spy thriller which has been in the limelight for wrong reasons initially is now in the limelight  for its phenomenal success in the box office.Critics too have given highly positive reviews for this movie.Achieving success both critically and commercially is rare but Kamal Hassan has done it this time after many hardships ( both on-screen and off-screen).With Kamal Hassan playing the lead,writing, directing and producing, technical finesse can be assured in every frame of the film.Supported by highly talented star cast and brilliant technicians,Viswaroopam has been excellently crafted leaving the audience dumbfound (can be related to confusion also 😛 for a person with average intelligence) when they leave the theater.For a average film goer this film might be hard to understand but it doesn’t fail to entertain the audience.

                               The movie begins in New York where an old man feeds pigeons in a pigeon shop. The the film shifts to the a counselling session conducted for Nirupama (Pooja Kumar) who is sharing her mental problems with a psychologist.During this session, she tells about her husband Viswanath alias Viz (Kamal Hassan), who is a Kathak dancer and her attraction towards her boss Deepankar (Samrat Chakrabathi). Nirupama is a nuclear oncologist and to have a safe stay in America she goes for a marriage of convenience with Viswanath. She plans for a divorce and hence hires a private detective to know if her husband has some secrets or an illicit relationship so that it would help her to give reasons for divorce.During this search, Nirupama comes to know from the private detective that Viswanath(Viz) is a Muslim.After having reported about Viswanath,  the detective gets killed and a remarkable turn of events follows this. Viswanath’s real name is Wisam Ahmad Kashmiri who’s living in America to track the movements of the terrorist group led by Omar(Rahul Bose).Omar’s group were planning to bomb New York City with nuclear weapons and hence to save New York Wisam was living in America under the knowledge of the Indian Embassy. The story then goes back and forth with chasing sequences in New York and terrorist attacks in Afghanistan circa 2002 during which Wisam was with Omar. Wisam has joined Al-Queda, a terrorist outfit as an agent for the Indian Army.The story then ends with a gripping climax of how the bomb will be defused. Having assigned the job of detonating the bomb, Omar flies in a private flight to save himself and the story ends with Wisam speaking to Omar that the bomb has been defused.The movie lacks completion as some of the questions will be answered in Viswaroopam-2, which is also intimated finally in the film.

                              The positives of the movie are immense and Kamal Hassan’s dialogues is a standout feature.His disbelief in the existence of a supernatural power is evident at many instances in the movie.The dramatic shift in characteristics between Viz and Wisam shown in a stunt sequence speaks volumes about Kamal Hassan’s screenplay and acting intelligence. The stunts in the movie are remarkable and definitely on par with Hollywood standards.The background music by Shankar Ehsaan Loy synchronizes perfectly with the foreground pictures and is very appealing.Though, the songs at times slacks the pace of the movie, the music for Viswaroopam is a big advantage.The slick editing by Mahesh Narayanan is also appreciable as it’s very important for a thriller to be pacy.On the whole, the entire technical team of Viswaroopam needs lots of praise. Rahul Bose’s acting is outstanding and he gels perfectly into the role of a terrorist.What surprises me so much is that without any formal education in science how can one write such a scientifically advanced script speaking about nuclear oncology, plutonium and Faraday shield?!! Kamal Hassan is a champion artist in writing gripping thrillers. Dasavatharam also had lots of science in it speaking about bio-weapons. Kamal Hassan now will definitely be credible enough to advise Bio-Technology PhD’s. 😀 :-D.

                                Viswaroopam is definitely for intelligent audience as it involves a lot of technicalities to be intricately observed to understand the movie completely.For a average film goer, this film will give him the impact of a great movie but understanding might prove difficult.There are few unanswered questions at many places in the movie.During the counselling session, the psychologist tells a character Bindu suggested her to see Nirupama. There is no character in the movie with that name. Kamal Hassan’s obsession to detail has created a problem for him in the movie.Showing Muslim jihadi’s praying every time before they sacrifice their life has been over done in the movie according to me.This portrayal shows as if their concept of worship is an indication for a bad event to occur. Though, Kamal Hassan has not intended to portray Muslim community badly, repetitive sequences of worship could have been reduced to make the movie less objectionable.The character of Ashmita played by Andrea Jeremiah (my fav) lacks prominence in the script.That’s very disappointing as she’s said to be a second heroine in the movie but shares the least screen space.

                                     Summing up, Viswaroopam is must watch movie without any doubts and to my knowledge the most scientifically, technically advanced movie ever shot in the history of Tamil Cinema.The concepts and the message intended to deliver in Viswaroopam is quite clear but some parts of the script  lacks connection. It seems as though, concepts in bits and pieces were combined together as a script.The film does not evolve gradually instead fluctuates constantly from present to past. Had the story evolved gradually it would have been more appealing and exciting even for a film goer with an average intelligence.Don’t miss Viswaroopam but just in case you find it hard to understand don’t complain :P.

Ram Thilak

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