How can Cricket trigger a STIFFER HRC against Sri-Lanka?

The recent measure taken by the Board of Control of Cricket in India (BCCI) to restrict Sri-Lankan players from participating in the Indian Premier League (IPL) citing that “it would surge the crowd’s anger in Chennai” is senseless.Before blogging about this, I make one statement loud and clear “I’m not a supporter of the ‘violence’ that happened in Sri-Lanka but should CRICKET be compromised in an move to show disgust? is my question”

Being a resident of Chennai, considered to be one of the peaceful cities in India I feel the protests have gone a little overboard.The involvement of students( referring only to those who fought with purpose) in protests which caught the eyes of the government is respectful but showcasing antipathy to all Sri-Lankan people is unacceptable.When a Sri-Lankan umpire came for a match in Chennai, there were a few roars in the crowd against him which I consider as “an immature behavior.”Now, the step taken by the BCCI after persistence from the Tamil Nadu government to prevent Lankan players representing their franchisees from playing especially in Chennai considering the growing aversion in the minds of the Chennaites. Does this measure translate the importance or impact of CRICKET in India or is it done because charged crowds will come to see matches and it might prove difficult for the police to control or it’s just that by precluding Lankan players, a stiffer HRC against Sri-Lanka will be passed in United Nations? I can’t understand the reason behind this, but whatever the reason is compromising sports/cricket can never be a solution to address this HRC concern.

Cricket has been the soul of Indian Polities considering the fact that many political party leaders organize cricket tournaments at local level to sway ‘young crowd’ to their side .I use the term politics here because most of the governing members of the BCCI are top-notch politicians.Preventing Pakistan players from playing in IPL is also a ‘politically minded decision’ and I totally object it.When there are security concerns, then allowing players to play at such situations is unacceptable. I’m not talking about that. That is a totally different perspective but when things are going alright without much tensions allowing players to play for their club must not be impeded. Another fact, which has to be taken into account is that players are playing ‘only for their franchisees and not for their country.’ If a match between India and Sri Lanka was to be played in Chennai now, then canceling the match is fair enough considering the tension and buzz around the Tamil-Eelam issue here.But axing players from playing here for their franchisees, I think is not a wise decision or maybe this is also politically motivated keeping in mind that SunRisers Hyderabad was a new team in this IPL (I hope you got what I meant!).  

I feel bad when people start saying Chennai is a dangerous place to host IPL matches. With Chennai Super Kings(CSK) having shown their ascendancy in all versions of the IPL, I can’t imagine an IPL for CSK with no home matches and with CSK having a great home ground record.I hope the BCCI reconsiders it’s current decision of restricting Sri-Lankan players and it’s previous decision of restricting Pakistani players thereby allowing all cricketing nations to unite for the grandeur sporting event held every year in the name of “THE INDIAN PREMIER LEAGUE.”

Ram Thilak

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3 thoughts on “How can Cricket trigger a STIFFER HRC against Sri-Lanka?

  1. Ram Thilak,

    I would like to put to perspective of how the majority are (which may not my personal perspective on all fronts, but an observation mostly).

    Firstly I would like to state that neither Cricket nor Cinema exist in this part of the world for the reasons it came in existence (for entertaining).

    Both of them are just like religions for many followers (read as fanatics), maybe you and I are not so.

    Well as organizers their utmost duty is to provide security for the participants and when the govt says it cannot help, then its not a threat or a joke but just the reflection of the moods of the people at large.

    None of your CSK worries will materialize, be rest assured!

    The sad fact is Tamil issue is seen as regional while Pakistan as a national one and that is how the Central Govt has been handling too!

  2. Charan,

    I'm happy with your observations and after deep thought I agree with you that Cinema and Cricket in our part of the world is different. Your words have comforted me after lot of criticism I faced for blogging about this.
    Thank you for that.At least there is someone who can understand what I intend to convey! 🙂

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