Romancing a Tree!!

Sitting under the shadow of the tree,
I was overshadowed by your imagery spree,
You gently swayed across with the breeze,
To ease my mind and subtly make your face freeze.

You gave me warmth by absorbing the Sun’s monotony ,
You also gave me tranquility by absorbing the cacophony,
You even gave me oxygen to fuel my pulmonary,
The foliage displayed your face thus increasing our affinity.

Your tender smooth limbs was in the stable roots near me,
Your free flowing hair was in the oscillating branches near me,
And I saw your eyes in every leaflet surrounding me,
The atmosphere was warm but I felt you were melting inside me.

I never knew a stagnant emotionless tree could display so much of you,
But on that day I understood that you’re omnipresent inside my radius.

Ram Thilak

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6 thoughts on “Romancing a Tree!!

  1. u must have been a biology student
    cool one one bro!!
    a-a-a-a b-b-b-b c-c-c-c d-e , mix it next time


  2. "stagnant emotionless" is something that I see with doubt because we base everything on our perception of movement and motion but we cannot say that the tree is "stagnant." And as for "emotionless," that also cannot be said because we don't know for sure.

    As I mentioned earlier, I love trees for what they are.

    Joy always,

  3. I used a lot of science in this poem and hence to be scientifically right I used stagnant and emotionless Susan.. But there are certain things which transcends science and in that perspective.. Definitely trees have emotions 🙂 and I love trees too!

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