Women’s Day Special!!!

Women have been portrayed highly in arts and literature and at least most part of it exemplifies them for beauty, motherhood, kindness and goodness.Very few of these appraisals about women were focused on showcasing women as a competitor in the male dominant society.With my limited knowledge about literary works, I was able to arrive at this bizarre conclusion though I’m not sure if I’m wholly right.We have few instances in literature where woman are mentioned as a powerful force and “Men without Women” can’t exist in the world but apart from that to my knowledge, I feel woman, though powerful have largely been subdued both in writing and in reality.

 I’m going to reflect my thoughts focusing on the necessary change required in the mindsets of women to mark the International Women’s Day today. First of all, women who are homemakers, running errands for their children, doing chores and who think about family welfare should never consider themselves as unsuccessful people.Another aspect which surprises me a lot, is that very few women have raised their voices against the objectification of women in films.This attitude needs to be changed before it makes us lose our own culture.And the last paragraph is focused on the women involved in my life.

Women as Homemakers:
Though, homemaker is considered as a euphemistic term, it defines the role of women who takes care of the household more appropriately than a housewife.I’ve seen my mother doing her household activities and I’ve also heard stories from my grandma about the amount of work women at home had to do those days.What I’m writing now may appear old-fashioned but in reality women those days had far superior managerial capabilities than those with MBA’s of today.In a large family of nearly 20 members, managing all the tasks without any prior knowledge of management is an excellent ability.Women, those days multi-task with ease ensuring that all activities are carried out seamlessly, though their availability to technology was limited.The present homemakers are slightly different since they use their knowledge to carry out the tasks easily with access to technology.I’m not here trying to say that only women should take care of the house, women should only be involved in the upbringing of children and things like that.I’m just telling that managing a house is equally tiresome as working in an office and hence homemakers who are women should be proud of themselves instead of being unhappy.There are certain women, who both work in an office and also take care of the house.Those women are the truly productive people on this planet as it’s not easy managing both.Though, men also involve themselves in nurturing a child, the role of a mother is irreplaceable.Women today have laid their footprints in all spheres starting from arts, to science, to biotechnology, to computer science and even in aviation.They can no longer be called as a ‘weaker sex’ and undermining the abilities of a women cannot be accepted.

Objectification of Women: 

Women have largely been portrayed negatively in films and very few voices have been raised against it.I do agree that in a world of fantasy, freedom to express has to be given but the script writers should have thought before they project women badly on screen.In the world of cinema, men have always been given preference and women have been subdued excepting a few movies.The language used in the songs also abuse women badly and when a society grows in the midst of these activities, then women will only be considered as objects of pleasure.Mutual respect to the opposite gender in the society is of immaculate importance for progressive growth.Making money should not be the only objective while making films, understanding its impact on the society should also be considered by film makers.Though, there are many certification boards, people have remained mum over these issue.To add insult to injury, nowadays ads have also begin to use women differently with no significance to their products.When a child sees such an advertisement and questions his mother about it, how can she explain the inquisitive child? This matter is a potential threat issue and projecting women with evil intentions has to be stopped before it grows into an epidemic in the minds of the young men.

Women in my life:
For every son, Mother will be his favorite women. Another women who had played an important role in my life is my Aunt(I address her as Athai). My mother has a rebellious attitude venting her anger on anyone who tries to restrict her.She’s a known example for me, on how a modern woman should be!I used to have long conversations with her on a variety of topics.Coming to my Athai, she’s a teacher and a well-balanced person. She has got an wonderful attitude and a productive person who manages teaching work and household work with ease.Whenever, I’m stuck with problems I talk to her to arrive at a conclusion.Both these women have contributed immensely in helping my climb the ladder of life.Lots of other women are also there, I can’t mention every one here but these two people are the ones who crafted me.     

Ram Thilak.

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