C for Catharsis- Empty your Mind!!

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There are different interpretations for the word “Catharsis” ranging from drama, to art and even in medicine.Some of the twentieth century artists refer to catharsis as an “intellectual purification” and doctors persist with their definition of “restoration of normal mental health by providing cathartic treatment”. But, summing up all the definitions of catharsis I found that everything focused on “cleansing your mind” which happens to be the most important aspect of Catharsis.

Summing up, lets conclude Catharsis as a method of cleansing our mind by using extreme methods to restore normalcy in our body. It revitalizes our own self both internally and externally thereby giving a feeling of rejuvenation post catharsis.

The people of the current age are happy to hide their emotions.Though, there are different platforms to share and express projecting themselves as “Happy Always People” seems to be keep them outwardly comfortable.This superficial comfort is temporary and the suppressed emotions keep multiplying in their mind like a parasite.I’m writing this especially to those people who are caught in this hypocrisy.

We have to come out of all this mental stigma and pour our heart out to one person on whom you can depend on anytime.Our body is an air balloon which keeps floating on this earth;purely temporary.In that case, storing sadness on a temporary body is pointless and when the weight keeps increasing, the balloon is going to burst soon; which is termed as emotional outburst.Let’s not wait for the balloon to burst and start practicing catharsis in our daily lives as well.

Catharsis, might sound as an extraordinary term but the procedure to do it is very simple.Even simple acts of laughing heart out, dancing and controlling our breath can calm our mind and cleanse it.The best way is called as self-hypnosis; standing in front of the mirror and talking to oneself.I follow this daily and this works wonders to understand more about this.Understanding oneself will prove to be the greatest discovery of your lifetime and hence defining catharsis as an”intellectual purification” can be accepted.So, empty your mind and try to float in this world as much as you can!!

Ram Thilak


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7 thoughts on “C for Catharsis- Empty your Mind!!

  1. What is inside the mind is something that only the bearer knows. Lost loves, burning emotions, hidden feelings and so much is held by the mind. Some things are better hidden and no catharsis can purge them.

    Joy always,

  2. May be! Susan.. Our mind is like an infinite well how much ever water your take out, still there is something inside.. It never dries up! At least you can try to cleanse it, to have less burden..

  3. Ah true! I used to bottle up emotions, later I found it never helped. I didn know the techy part of it. Thanks for sharing

    Keep smiling,

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