D for Doodle- An Excellent Advertising Mantra!!

This post is a part of A-Z Challenge April 2013.

I was searching on what to blog about for ‘D’ and yet again Google came as my inspiration. Google Doodles is an attractive marketing tactic used by Google to promote their search Engine. Google, as an organization has always impressed me and keeps surprising me daily with their bizarre interesting doodles.

Playing with a company logo is something which most professional organizations with a traditional mindset would disagree.But, Google has made people step into their website just to see abstractly drawn logos of their billion-dollar company thereby capturing people’s hearts using a different route.These things make Google special.Another aspect is that the doodle doesn’t follow a specific pattern such as birthday’s only, festivals only etc., which might bore people.Some unknown important historic events have been brought to fore by Google’s Doodles which needs appreciation.Some of the doodles have animation as well which is fabulous.I wish one day I could design one Google Doodle!!.. 😀 A design for which there are no limits, no restrictions just draw your mind out in the most creative way which can be viewed by billions of people worldwide!! 😀

Ram Thilak

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