F for Fatherhood- Often underrated!!

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The role of a father in the metamorphosis of a child from it’s infant stages to a fully grown individual is very crucial. The mother’s part in the child’s growth cannot be undermined but that doesn’t mean the part played by the father is less.Literature and other art forms have largely portrayed motherhood higher and rarely does the role of a father been stressed upon. Naturally, the mother who bears the child is emotionally and physically attached but the father is the one who craves the child into a beautiful sculpture.

I’ve been exposed mostly to my Indian Culture and here it’s usually said that the father is the rigid, strict person who takes care of the finance of the house and ensures that child grows properly while the mother takes care of the child very personally. As years progress, the child-mother bonding becomes very stronger and the child mostly conclude that mom is the best person to be with.Fathers usually don’t spend as much time as mother’s do; I agree on that.But, love cannot be measured on the amount of time spent.Fathers love their children as much as mothers do and sometimes even more. Most fathers display that bossy attitude towards their children which makes them hate their fathers. We got to understand that they do that only for our progress, our betterment.Fathers strive whole day to make our life comfortable.

I was brought in a setup where my father and even my grandfather were crucial in bringing me up and they’re still craving me to perfection. I’m writing this solely from my experience and not trying to create a debate about Fatherhood and Motherhood.Please don’t misunderstand me. Please don’t neglect your father just because he advises you or he’s strict with you.They use the knife not to torture us but to sculpt us.Once we understand that, our outlook towards our father will change forever.

A Post for his Father from his loving Son,
Ram Thilak

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3 thoughts on “F for Fatherhood- Often underrated!!

  1. True that. In the praise showered on the mother by almost everyone, the father's role often goes unnoticed but I think both of them are equally responsible for the mental and emotional balance of the children's lives.

    Another spot on post.

    Joy always,

  2. True! but in my homee, my dad is never strict, my mom might be but it just depends
    My point is times are changing, and what you say is true, i often hear mom talk about her dad this way

    Keep smiling,

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