I for Intuition- Helps You Create your own path!!

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The other day there was a debate session held in my class and the topic of discussion was a bizarre one. I love insightful conversations and this turned out to be one such thing.The debate was on the topic, “Choice is an illusion- Agree or Disagree”. I was stunned when I heard this and agreed “Choice is an illusion” without any hesitation. In topics like these, arriving at a single conclusion cannot be done as individual perceptions largely vary.I register my arguments here which I spoke that day.

I held on firmly with my persistence on “Intuition” as the key factor for anyone to decide on something.Even for an MCQ, I trust my mind little and my gut more 😛 ( Most students use this :D; famous mantra being Inky-Pinky-Ponky :P) . The biggest problem with choice is that with every choice there is an inherent invisible expectation sticking with it.This expectation is a dangerous parasite which will trouble us when our chosen choice proves to be wrong.In most of the cases, we are victims of this expectation parasite and lose the rest of our life grumbling about “missed opportunity”.Why I say choice is an illusion is that in at some stage of our life we “gotta accept what we get”.Getting “what we love” every time is not assured.This makes our failure at some moment of our life a certainty.Only few people, can climb up the ladder again when they fall down because of failure.

Instead of using the words like optimistic, positive thinking, strategic planning why don’t we just take “Life as it comes with its rising and falling waves yet trusting that the waves will definitely take us to our destination no matter how it sways”. The thoughts I put forth here might sound ridiculous but with careful thinking you might get the meaning behind it.I’m not asking here to live a life devoid of dreams and goals.Living a wholesome life might require us to balance the equilibrium of our thoughts and trust completely on our intuition that Life is and will always take us towards our destination.Dreams, goals and ambitions are the additional spices to keep our mind fresh but thinking too much about it just eats our present time.I read a quote which said, “Don’t search for the path when you’re stranded.Try to create your own path and leave a trail.”To have born in this world and if you wish to leave a trail of yours, ever present even after your existence then trusting on your intuition is of immaculate importance.Don’t measure choices and get carried away with it.

I’m inspired by the words of Steve Jobs which fits perfectly for this post, “Follow your intuition, it somehow already knows what you’re made for.”  

Ram Thilak

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8 thoughts on “I for Intuition- Helps You Create your own path!!

  1. totally true ! but it limits itself to bigger things, smaller things are still in our pursuit, wimp and fancy. just my POV

    Keep Smiling,

  2. NIce post! But I got mixed feelings reading this…I don't think that I can take life as it is….I must take effort right, so there should be optimism and strategic planning…But as you said we should not rely on choices too much 🙂

  3. Wel True! We can't live life on a single rule. Controlling and convincing our mind on all things is very difficult.. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment Lakshmi.. Happiee 😀

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