K For Kamal Hassan- A Personification of Art!!

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Kamal Hassan, one of the thespians of Indian Cinema has craved a place for himself right from his childhood.He is one such artist who has grown up being in the cinema circles and has cultivated varied interests and mastered most of the facets of cinema he has learnt. Though, largely people address him as an actor; Kamal Hassan is also an excellent choreographer, make-up artist, singer, lyric writer, dialogue writer, director and he’s still learning more. What surprises me the most is that he’s cultivated varied interests yet he’s excelled in all his interests.This can be achieved only when someone truly loves something and Kamal Hassan is one such person who’s madly in love in cinema.

Over the years, Kamal Hassan has matured as an actor experimenting into various genres. Kamal always wants to give a “very personal touch” to all his movies which began especially after he took up production as well.Considering the talent Kamal possess, he should be the richest actor in India but his notion has always been and will always be in producing “quality cinema”.This statement can be supported with the fact that Kamal holds the record of having the most number of Oscar nominations for ‘Best Feature Film from Foreign Language’ from India.Another landmark he holds is to have completed 50 years in cinema, though he’s just 58 years old now.

Kamal wants to translate his thoughts to people through his movies.His dialogues always have a sarcasm towards “believers in God” since he’s a rationalist.His philosophy of God can be well understood from his movie “Anbe Sivam” which translates to “Love is God!.”The amount of research he puts into every frame of movie is truly spectacular and in recent years science and technology inclined movies are largely taken by him. He ensures realism in cinema is also maintained and he’s obsessed with perfection.
One aspect of Kamal which stands out is the fact that he’s not transported himself to Hollywood or Bollywood given the amount of talent he holds.Instead, he’s taken his Kollywood (Tamil Cinema) to global reach making people understand that even regional cinema can have a global impact. At times, though his films might be controversial, we have to give freedom for an artist to express, especially for someone like Kamal who’s contributed immensely for the growth of cinema in India, in Tamil Nadu .If I start writing about him, I keep writing because there is so much to write so let me end with a video about his life sourced from Google.
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