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Language, the medium or the platform through which most of us communicate. This word language has influenced me so much in my life and I’ve always had an incessant liking for languages and love to learn a lot. Being a learner in computer science, I’m also suppose to learn lot of computing languages as well which is cool :D. I’ve been exposed to English largely throughout my school and college days. Hindi, my national language was also added to my syllabus.I chose to learn Sanskrit in my higher secondary days.It was a magical language given it’s rhythmic nature and it’s unique ability to read a sentence either-wise yet hold the same meaning.Though, Sanskrit doesn’t have a speaking population it is still somehow surviving.In India, the mantras are all in Sanskrit and in all festive occasions mantras are chanted keeping this lovely language alive.

English- the billion word+ language has always been my favorite language given it’s simplicity.The most surprising fact about English is that it’s a language built largely on immigrants from other language.It takes words from French, German, Sanskrit, Hindi and many other languages.I still want to learn a lot of languages.My mother tongue being Tamil, I haven’t learnt a lot about it about which I must be ashamed of.It’s yet another classical language and I feel Tamil is the best descriptive language I’ve ever come across.The songs, poems in Tamil have the best description and the melodious nature of Tamil is an attractive nature of this language.

Apart from all the word languages, I’m more curious in learning the “Language of Silence”, the language of the hearing impaired people.I feel that it’s the language of the heart as you show your emotions only through your eyes and fingers.When I see people communicate that way the amount of subtlety they display will instigate a smile in anyone’s face.I’m also surprised by another fact on the evolution for languages.The change in pronunciation of languages is largely influenced by geographical regions but the script, word formation and other aspects of the language are the ones which fascinates me.I would love to dig deep into the questions on WHO would have spoke first? WHO would have defined the grammar for every language, HOW different parts of the world have different languages though all of us are supposedly theorized as an evolution from monkeys. Animals also have tongues and they also communicate but we’re still unable to precisely find out the exact pattern of their communication.All these questions keep reverberating inside me whenever I start learning languages. Have to find out answers for these soon!!

And finally, THANK YOU! to English for helping me post this and make other people understand it.. 😀

Ram Thilak

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