M for Middle Class Families in India!!

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The middle class families in India form the larger part of the population in India.There are divisions among them called as well such as Lower and Upper middle class. I don’t know much about the middle class families in other countries but in India I find them as the reservoirs of development considering their hunger to grow more and earn a lot of money.I don’t come to say that the poor don’t earn money, but when compared with them the middle class are more desperate to jump to higher sections of society.

India is growing at a fast pace on paper yet the disparity among the rich and the poor is rising every day.The middle class who are caught in between this difference of incomes are always sunk in a state of ambiguity.Generally, middle class parents find good EDUCATION as the only way to climb up the ladder to reach the higher sections of society.They spend a lot of their savings for education with the hope that it would propel their children closer to the rich.Not every child born in a middle class setup can study exceptionally well, there are other latent talents as well inherent in a middle class child which are often overshadowed by their parents.If he/she is good at sports, music or any other art, their parents often ask them to pursue it only after performing well in academics.The usually say, “Being excellent in sports is not gonna give you a secured settled future.”This makes the children to go against their own interests thereby making excellent academic performance a mandatory addition in their lives.Some blessed children, study well and also perform well in arts which is spectacular.They make some money out of their education and then pursue their interests.
I don’t say education is needless for a person who’s good at art.What I’m trying to say here is the fact that education in India and especially in middle class families is only seen as “a pathway to make big bucks and have a good life” and not as an eye-opener to knowledge. Money is seen as a product of good education.Respect is got only when someone studies in a reputed institute.Most parents use “comparative terms” throughout their conversation with the child forcing him, compelling him to understand that “studying well in school can only bring him success, else he has to beg on the streets”.These extremist parents eat the effervescent attitude of the child and some even put him into coaching classes though he’s getting 90+ in his academics.They put him into tuition centers for getting into “reputed institutes” of education as early as 9th grade when his gonna face the entrance exam after 12th grade! Desperate parents often rob the fantasy world of children forcing their dreams on them.Parents do this with only one fear, “I missed my opportunity to come up in life when I was young.My child must not repeat the same.”They want to do the best for their children but often don’t ask the child what is the best for him/her.That one question can change your child’s life and make it colourful.
Most middle class children don’t speak their mind out to their parents.They do this because they know how much their parents are doing for them.They don’t want their parents to break down, they don’t want to disappoint their parents.So, most of the times they hide their dreams and ambitions to make their parents happy.This can only lead to a “virtual happiness” but cannot lead us to permanent happiness.
Luckily, I was brought up in a middle class setup where there was freedom to express what I want.Whatever I’ve registered here are excerpts taken from conversations from some of my friends and some are from what I’ve seen in middle class families.Parents have to clear their mind that education is not the only way but one of the way to reach the pinnacle of success.If this clarity of thought is there in parents, then we can get more people with diverse interests in India.
Ram Thilak

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