N for Nap!!

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Nap is something which everyone must feel especially after a heavy lunch. For someone who has a tight weekday schedule sleeping only for 6 hours and running against time; a nap in his weekend provides the best rejuvenation.I enjoy sleeping for an hour or two in the afternoon which helps me do all the remaining activities of the day happily.The nap energizes your mind, body and also the soul if you ask me.

Sleep which in accordance to textbook definition may refer to a “physical inactivity”  but according to me it’s the most important activity for anyone.Almost all depressive disorders are caused as a result of disproportionate sleep in comparison to the sleep of a normal human being.Even physics says that, “When a body is continuously in a state of motion, then it deteriorates at some point of time.It also needs a period of rest or inactivity.”The same applies to human beings who need to have a nap during the stressful day when their night sleep doesn’t suffice their body demands.If a person has a deep sleep at night, then a nap during the day is not essential.But, when he/she has disturbed sleep patterns then nap during the day is necessary to maintain their body metabolism.

I don’t want to go deep into the biology of sleep and the benefits it has.On the whole, a nap must be necessary addition in your daily routine if you’re a kind of person who doesn’t sleep well at nights. Sleeping it not a crime, it’s not a waste of time either.Sleeping well doesn’t mean you’re lethargic.People who’ve been successful have worked hard and used their time efficiently. They’ve not sacrificed sleep at the cost of their work.So,don’t be caught by misconceptions and sleep well every day.

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