O for Online Vulnerability!!

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Being online has become synonymous to breathing nowadays with people spending a lot of time in the internet. There are lots of debates about the pros and cons of the Internet and the social media. Any coin has both sides and hence I don’t want to talk a lot about it.

The more passive bug growing now is the amount of online data about “YOU” stored in the internet.Though, most of the websites present a big “Terms and Conditions” statement before you provide your details to them, a large number of people don’t have the patience to read it. When we are navigating through the computer at a rapid pace, most of us don’t read the contents properly. A lot of websites offer you privacy settings yet the data about you is never erased. This might look like a small glitch now but as it grows the impact of this will cause you a lot of worry.
Every content online, unless or otherwise properly protected with complex security mechanisms is easily downloadable.When you type your name with your details in a search engine, you would find your picture appearing within the second page of the search results. Anyone could download that pic, morph it and use it anyway.So vulnerable are the contents online and as days progresses the amount of online data about YOU is increasing. This digital data storage is done continuously by the servers and at some stage all your interests, what you do day-in and day-out, to whom you talk to every day, what you talk about and almost every bit of information about YOU is accessible to someone sitting somewhere. Some people say, the websites customize their ads by scanning through your online contents which help them record a better output. This is a dangerous breach into the privacy of the individual and if an intruder is able to control these contents, he could do ANYTHING with those contents.
I’m not trying to create fear in the minds of the online users. Using online contents have become part and parcel of our lives and it has definitely given us an excellent platform to connect and share. I want people to be mature when they post contents online especially in regard to pictures. Commenting on a post online must be polite and the mindset of the person on whose post you’re commenting must also be taken into account. Though, most people appear to have an networking attitude when they’re online, in reality they’re not so. People usually built a false image online and that is a different problem which needs another post to write about.
So, from next time be careful about what you write or post online. Try to have it under your control, to be precise.
Ram Thilak

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