S for Silence!!

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Silence has of late become a forbidden territory in our lives. Our world now has become really fast with  buzzing sound of the vehicles, jarring sound of the ringtones, rocking radio in our ears and a lot more insignificant sounds surrounds us every day.In the midst of all this cacophony, we ride our lives continuously floating on these noise waves. We may think we are riding fast but how far are we going to reach at this speed is the BIG question. Patience and Peace have lost their meaning in this NEW racing world.

When I bring physics into this topic, I have to speak about momentum of an object. Our body is the mass and we are constantly moving at a velocity.The end result is that we become an open system who are always in a hurry.We lose the “inner momentum of our mind” as a result of this attitude.This is because we conserve our momentum only when the system is calm and closed.The impetus with which we are moving becomes purely temporary as a result of our hurry.We think by moving fast or by accelerating we will reach our success destination earlier which is a misconception.Most hurrying people give the reason that “The world is fast” but at the end we are losing our strengths on a long term basis.

I’m not asking you to move slowly in this fast paced world.I’m only asking you to ride steadily with a moment of silence added here and there as a spice. By riding steadily our momentum gets increased in a steadfast manner causing minimal harm to our improvements.By moment of silence I mean, a time for yourself TO THINK; a time for yourself to introspect; a time for yourself to stay away from the noisy world and enjoy the solitude.

Spend a few minutes each day in a dark room filled with the fragrance of silence, all alone.Sit comfortably on the floor, close your eyes and think of all that you’ve done in the day you’ve crossed.Some instances might bring you fear, some happiness, some grief, some joy and think about all these with a smile.Then, open your eyes and switch on the lights.A new rejuvenated feeling will flow through your nerves and all your momentum of your mind will be conserved after this.This effect this method has on our body cannot be scientifically proved but can be emotionally felt.

Your moment of silence is waiting!!

Ram Thilak

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4 thoughts on “S for Silence!!

  1. A very nice piece of writing!

    You are asking us to meditate :-), Ok. Yes. A few minutes of closing our eyes, and silence without giving importance to the passing thoughts, is very important for our well-being in the long run.

    Thanks for the message !

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