T for Trees!!

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Trees are something which have always made me happy. In one of my sonnets about a tree, I had mentioned tree as “a stagnant emotionless creature”.Naturally, I got objections for this statement from my well wishers and tree lovers. I’m a tree lover too and so I sat under a tree again to see if I’ve failed to understand something about my love.

Looking closely, I observed that the tree provided me with the maximum shade though the sun was shining brightly over my head. I didn’t feel the heat under the tree but another scientific fact popped into my head at that point of time.All leaves in the tree are arranged according to the principle of photo-tropism.This means that every leaf in the tree “arranges itself” in a way by which they could get maximum sunlight.What made the leaves in the tree to change their course of growth? If the leaves can’t THINK then every leaf on the tree will die and only the ones sprouted first will remain. If something can think then it also has emotions and it cannot be referenced as “something”. I decided to take back my previous statement of referring a tree as “a stagnant emotionless creature” and I asked sorry to the animate tree which provided me the shade.

Nature keeps teaching us so much every day.We fail to notice it’s intricacies and I was also a victim of this ignorance.So, if nature has emotions how does she display it? This thought process lead me to another exploration. Nature shows its smile through the Sun; Nature sings with the Wind; Nature shows its anger through an Earthquake, a Tsunami; Nature shows its calmness through the sea; Nature shows its unbiased mind through the sky; Nature shows its dancing abilities through the trees; Nature cries in joy with the Rain.There are still many more emotions stuck with Nature which are yet to be noticed. The language of emotions displayed by Nature may not be explicitly visible because of her equipoise.We primates have to think deep to understand her vocabulary and reply to her needs.

Ram Thilak

P.S: Thank you Susan Deborah of Chennai Bloggers Club. Your comment that day made me explore more about the tree :).

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  1. Our logical thinking mind (intellect) is not capable to understand nature's whisperings. It needs intelligence, which is not limited to our five senses, so, however hard one thinks, one won't be able to understand nature's ways. Language and thinking is only for human brain, which is essentially survival-based.

    Instead silence provides a way "to be", so that nature's intelligence is poured on us. This includes not just trees, but everything….

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