U for Ultra-sonogram and Umbilical Cord!!

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Ultra-sonogram is a medical procedure used to visualize the subcutaneous tissues by passing ultrasonic (sound beyond the human hearing capacity) waves through the skin. These waves which are beyond the human hearing capacity are the ones which are used to see the gender of the child inside the mother’s womb.It makes humans to cut the umbilical cord of the child even before it’s suppose to be cut.This happens when the fetus residing in the mother happily is a girl child.

Female infanticide has reduced tremendously over the years which is encouraging. In India, especially after the impact Information Technology has in our lives women have grown a lot.Women have become truly empowered and their dominance in the computer sector as a workforce cannot be underrated.People prefer girls as children now considering the fact that they are more focused  and largely speaking family-oriented.By this, I’m only trying to say that on a large scale, women care more for their family than young working men do.

A girl child always has a better, faster growth than a boy child.A girl can learn words quickly than a boy child during her infant stages.On an average, a girl had 5 times more vocabulary than a boy grown in a normal family.A girl child and for that matter any child is wonderful in it’s own way.I’m so happy for the fact that the current Indian generation has nearly eradicated this partiality or preference for a boy as a child.This is how a smart, cultured society must function and over the years the statistics must remain the same.

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