V for Victory!!

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Victory, a word which has a lot of synonyms such as success, triumph, conquest etc., depending on the context. Victory refers to the ultimate glory one can achieve and yet this term according to me is a very fragile one. Every victory comes with an expiry date and if you want the happiness derived out of that victory to stay permanent, you have to conquer the battle you fought once again.The moment of victory and the joy in the faces of the victorious people is a wonderful sight to see but how such a temporary being be given such a lot of importance in this world?

People have become obsessed with victory and every one of us want to become BIG in own respective fields. This is a good thought as all of us want to be SOMETHING in this world. But, victory being a measurable term is always a risky one to possess. All measurable terms in this world are not to be given too much thought as it creates unnecessary panic in our mind. People use measures in statistics to understand about the state of things which I don’t object. But the normal people, keep comparing their victories to the other person’s victory which must be avoided. Victory also creates a sense of satisfaction which at times may reduce our labor as our mind gets occupied with the fact that we are NUMBER ONE.

Victory shouldn’t be the ultimate objective in our life.We set some target as the success point in our lives and we strive hard to reach that pinnacle.But, the whole world has taught us that those people who see the benchmarks set by other people as inspiration and not as an aspiration are the ones who achieve the most. Likewise, we must aspire to set our own benchmarks and not follow the path taken by others. There must be no hesitancy to take the beaten track though the destination is uncertain. People who do that are the ones who deliver, are the one who taste true victory. There is another selfish motive in this customized victory. You choose your own path, you make your decisions and you only know how to go along that path. None can replace you in your path and this makes your victory SUPREME. Though, the external victory(i.e victory in accordance to other people) is temporary but the events which happened during your travel in our own path enriches your victory making it supreme.

Be happy for your victories but never satisfied!!

Ram Thilak

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