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This write up is about how vehicles such as wagons, automobiles, planes have influenced our lives and changed the way Man thinks.

Man began his life moving from places to places by foot and spending a larger part of his life as a nomad.He used to stay in places where he could find food and water.Later, as man progressed intellectually and different civilizations across the world happened,he had a compulsion to travel to different places for different needs.As a famous proverb says ,” Necessity is the mother of invention”, that was when man started inventing mechanical devices to aid him in moving.Wheel is considered to be the most important invention in the history of transportation as it helped us to move from one place to another.

Transportation has been changing steadily from the days man started to use carriages. Initially, animal power was used or rather exploited to help man in his transportation. Horses, bullocks and rarely elephants were usually employed as transporters as they had the ability to pull weights and could be tamed with appropriate training.Those devices was harmonious to Mother Nature though animals were subjected to exploitation by these methods.
Following this, mechanical devices of transportation were taking ascendancy in the lights of bicycle, tricycle and other mechanical devices where animal power can also be combined. Then, the industrial revolution and twenty century marked a flurry of engine inventions which made people move faster. Trains, cars, ships, aircraft were all invented and was made to use by the public for transportation.The use of animals started deteriorating as the other modes of transport were faster and comfortable.
Without doubt, these new modes of transport have had a major impact in the lives of people. All of us are living a faced paced life now which makes fast paced transportation a necessary addition in our lives. These transportation technologies have made life easier and people could travel around the globe within three days which is a spectacular achievement.Apart from the speed at which we travel, transportation technologies have simplified the shipping of goods giving people freedom to get what they desire. Earlier, an antique from England could not be brought to India because of the poor transportation.Now, you can order the item and get it shipped within days of payment.

Another impact is of transportation on people is that, it has widened the horizons of the city as traveling has become far more easier. People can live in outskirts where the cost of living is far lesser than the cities and travel to the city for their work. As years keep progressing, the radius of the city keeps increasing and even offbeat areas are gaining importance because of the transportation facilities they hold.
So, considering from the day Man started to travel to today where Man is flying, transportation has largely had a positive impact in our lives.Though, the problem of pollution and carbon footprint are some of the ill-effects of current transportation technologies, techniques are being developed to reduce its intensity.On the whole, the current transportation technologies have changed the life of most people by connecting them from cities to cities, countries to countries and continents to continents enabling business and interaction possible across natural and artificial barriers.
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