Y for Youth!! Y for Yogurt!! Y for Yellow!! Y for YouTube!! Y for YamaDharmaRaja!!

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From no words to blog about for ‘Y’, I got a sea of words to blog about for this wonderful penultimate letter of the English alphabet. Thanks to the suggestion given from my fellow blogger. From nothing to write, I went on to write a short story(my first attempt :P) filled with ‘Y’ letters.And the story goes this way…

There was a South Indian family residing in Chennai having four generations under one roof.The great grandfather, who had spent a larger part of his life in Jamshedpur working in TISCO was a lively man in his late nineties whiling away his time reading newspapers and talking about politics.The  grandfather was a retired Secretary from The Dock Labor Board, Old Madras. He was an interesting person to be with and plays a lot with his grandchildren.He reads whatever newspaper he comes across and comments on all decisions taken by the government.The family tree then holds a father who’s into government service predominantly focusing on quality control.And finally, two boys, both of them in their early teens preparing for the “difficult” life ahead of them.They hold their opinions as well and often heated arguments occur between all of them.The great grandmother was no more and the remaining ladies keep themselves busy with household work.

One hot Sunday morning, Yellow, the color of happiness was filling every corner of the house. The father had planned for a family outing and since he had got “free” tickets for the IPL match, all the members unanimously decided to go to M.A Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai to watch the match starting at 4pm. (Probably, the jersey color of CSK was chosen as Yellow to indicate the HEAT in Chennai :P.) The ladies of the house knew that every thing would be costly inside the stadium and “outside” food was not allowed.Hence, they took the rich creamy yogurt, fermented by the best Lactobacillius on Earth from the refrigerator and made the mouth-watering CURD RICE( fondly called as thachi mamu 😀 :D). The side dish was Vadu Manga and Avakka Pickle and nothing could replace this dish for a South Indian family.(As I type this, my mouth is salivating :P) .After completing the lunch, the entire family left in an Omni.(P.S now Omni is not available in the market 😀 but this Omni was rarely taken out and well preserved). The youngest generations of the house couldn’t beat the heat and kept complaining in the car, “I could have watched this match in YouTube. Why are we straining so much to watch cricket?.”The word YouTube indicates how much this website matters for the youth. It gives us songs, videos, academic lectures, Windows tutorials and many more channels. Really, YouTube is a savior for the Youth of today. There was a lot of traffic and suddenly the Omni went out of control. A big Water Tanker hit the Omni and the rest needn’t be explained a lot. The beautiful family was transported directly to YamaLogam ( translation Heaven). The best judge on earth, Mr. YamaDharmaRaja( the person who decides Heaven or Hell) was sitting there to answer the questions this family had for him. Having known all about that family, this is what HE had to tell them.

Youth Preoccupied with their ideas:
In your family, the youth address their opinions about the politics which is often objected by the older generations.There is a bizarre event which happens during these arguments. (This was projected to me by my fellow blogger).Every generation thinks itself as “superior” to the previous generations.They get themselves preoccupied with the fact that previous generations’ ideas are old-fashioned.Some of their ideologies may suit our current lifestyle and it’s something which today’s Youth must introspect about.I don’t ask you to blindly follow whatever older generations say, but at the same time don’t object their ideas just because an elderly person says it. Let me say that with an example. Earlier, shell frames for spectacles were considered as those of the old and new trendy metal frames came into the market.Somewhere down the line, someone started using shell frames again stating it as “geek glasses” and later that went on to overthrow the previous trend of metal frames.This example might sound ridiculous but it illustrates to us that most of the Youth do things without much thought. Do remember always, “Old is gold” and Gold never goes down in it’s value though it fluctuates :P.

Ying and Yang Philosophy:
Every coin has two sides, every force on earth is interdependent and interrelated to each other. Duality exists in all states and it exists in all objects. As famous proverb says, “Only when you understand what is bitterness, you can understand what is Sweetness”.People fail to understand this wonderful Chinese philosophy and tend to expect a state of permanency in their lives. They expect permanent happiness, permanent peace and permanent pride. To all things that are called permanent on Earth, there is a “vulnerability factor” sticking to it which makes it temporary.As Thomas Jefferson puts it in the Declaration of Independence, “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness…”.Happiness is not something we get it and it stays with us. We have to strive, day in and day out to be happy. Though, this may sound weird, when you sit back and think whatever you’ve done to reach the state of happiness, you’ll understand your pursuit behind it.

“Amma! Amma! Amma! Ezunthuko.. Enna Aaachu (translation.. “Get up Mom! Get Up! What Happened??”) shouts the two teenage boys in their loud tones. Suddenly, the Mom gets up after a deep slumber and says “Kannavva!! Ennaku Appave theriyum.. Engethu Appa Nammala Cricket match ellam kootindu poova nu!! 😀 :D.. Paravala.. Kanavulayavudu YamaLogham porein.. Neejemavey Seekaram Poidanum.. Unga Paati thollai thanga mudiyala.. :-/ :-/” (translation.. Oh!! Is it a Dream!? I had thought during my dream.. From where does your father take us to cricket matches? At least in my dream I’m traveling to YamaLogam. Have to go there soon, Can’t bear your Grandmother’s complaints..:/).

The two boys have a hearty laugh when they heard the dream. Yamadharmaraja speaking Ying Yang philosophy and Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence? 😀 Amma, you are out of this world 😛 :D. Finally, the two teens watch the IPL match eating curd rice with Mavadu :P.

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