Z for Zero!!

This post is a part of A-Z Blogging Challenge April 2013.

Zero, a number which needs less introduction. A number which is part of every BIT of information online we are involved with directly or indirectly; but it exists. When I decided on what to blog about for ‘Z’, I zeroed in on Zero.When I looked at the meaning of Zero it said “no quantity or number; naught”. Probably, dictionaries are meant to provide only rational explanations and there are many things in this world which transcend this limited rational world. Zero fits into that unlimited scope where many things are limitless.People didn’t understand the benefit of TWO Zeroes until it provided us with Y2K problem :P.

Zero, the beginning of the Arabic Numerals and the one which sticks with the other numbers to extend it’s limit. Isn’t it quite strange a number, which has no value, when written at the back of a meaningful number adds more value to it?!! Zero, though has no value ensures that the NUMBERS don’t end and that’s why I called zero limitless. I hear people say, “Mathematics is the language of practical science.” Science is almost everywhere which makes numbers are everywhere and by the principle of transitive relation it makes Zeros are everywhere. Leave alone repetitive numbers, zeroes have this unique property of changing the state of a number depending on where it is added. A zero before is neglected and a zero after is glorified :D. It’s such a silly world!!

When speaking of shapes, the one coming very close to Zero is a circle which holds wonderful properties. A circle, which I see as a zero brings equilibrium and can hold heavy weights. This is the reason why manholes are always circular and not quadrilaterals as they lose their equilibrium at their diagonals.A circle doesn’t have edges, which makes it a whole and qualifies our needs. The next time you’re standing on a manhole; be happy you’re safe.

Philosophically, zero is one number which keeps reminding me the dual sides of men. A man, however good he is, at anytime, any moment can succumb to eternal, material and physical pleasures. He holds a glorified face in the crowd, just like the zero after a number. But, given the circumstances, he can go as ugly as possible and show his self-neglected hidden face. Never trust too many people in life.

The next time, you see a zero, don’t just see it as a number. There are many analogies which persist in this word along with our existence. We have to find these wonderful subtle things and those analogies also exists with so called Nothing.. ZERO.

Ram Thilak

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