A-Z Blogging Challenge- A Pathless Journey!!

When I registered my blog for the A-Z Blogging Challenge, I thought how am I gonna make it? For a person who blogs casually, a post every week, 26 posts a month with restrictions on word usage was indeed a hard task, at the outset. I never knew A-Z Blogging Challenge was an international event until I saw my blog’s URL with the number 1466 out of nearly 2000 blogs. IT WAS A BLOGGING FESTIVAL!!

I started with Amber and for the few days it was all going fine. Managing time happened to be the most difficult test to pass and to follow this was choosing words. I blog whatever comes to my mind and hence giving heed to the letter regulation proved to be another big concern for me. But, I somehow chose the words and sometimes substituted the words with pictures. But the last six letters posed a BIG challenge for me. For few letters, got good suggestions from fellow bloggers and they are always ready to help. Such a wonderful set of people they are :).

I had one advantage during this journey. I didn’t select any theme to blog about and this liberty turned out to be a blessing. I picked words from different facets and for some words researched well before I blogged thereby helping me to learn more. I had a chance to view professional bloggers’ sites and to read their posts. Some of them were truly spectacular and got some good followers through this challenge and even started following many.

For whatever you do in this world, a pat on your back is necessary to keep you going. I got that from a lot of people during this challenge and largely from The Chennai Bloggers Club. Their comments, suggestions kept me going and I did complete this challenge. People part of this challenge also visited and posted their valuable comments. All together, it was a wonderful experience and I would cherish every moment of this challenge.

And finally I can say, “I survived the A-Z Blogging Challenge April 2013. Mission Accomplished” :D.

Ram Thilak..

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  1. Thank you Jessica!.. A-Z Challenge was a great exposure for me and it made me discover many things in me as well!.. Got some good buddies 🙂

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